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Toilet Slavery: Eat of Me. "Open your mouth wide, toilet" I say as I begin to send My brown down his throat one way or another. May 2017

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Toilet Slavery: "Lick". As toilet b is beneath Mistress Patty, he is instructed to lick Her oven to prepare. April 2017

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Toilet Slavery: Golden Drink. Watch as toilet b drinks Mistress Patty's golden flow. April 2017

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Forced Formal Consumption: Yellow Poo Cake. Mistress Patty forces Her latest Poo Cake recipe into sissy emily. January 2016

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Marinating a human toilet for 5 hours. Covered from head to toe in Mistress Patty's brown and golden then wrapped snuggly in plastic wrap and tarp. October 2011

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Watch as Sissy slut gabrielle spends sometime under Mistress Patty's ass in the Potty Box. May 2011

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Watch as Sissy slut gabrielle is punished by being forced to be under Mistress Patty's potty box as She expels shitty enemas into her mouth. Oct. 2010

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Mistress Patty's decides to use the Funnel Gag with Sissy Slut Chastity on one of her visits. November 2008

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Take a peek inside a toilet training session as Mistress Patty uses Sissy Slut chastity as Her personal human toilet for the day. May 2008

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Ahh brown sweetness filling your belly, My toilet dave. The smell, the warmth filling the air as My brown is gobbled up by toilet dave.  May 2009

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Toilet dave being used as his name implies as a full toilet. In Le Toilet you will view My love of full toilet slavery as well as using the tongue of a human toilet as toilet paper.  May 2009

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