Shopping Assignment

By: slave michael

i longed for the opportunity to serve the master
sex and to learn to be more like the master sex. The
MISTRESS called after reading my fantasy. SHE
acknowledged that SHE had associates who believed as
SHE did, that men were born to be at the feet of WOMEN
and to be as feminine as was possible for a lowly
male. They, SHE said, helped HER in HER breaking and
training of HER slaves. SHE kept HER best slaves and
let HER friends have the one's SHE did not deem worthy
of HER. They had formed an informal group of the
master sex with the purpose of finding and cultivating
slaves for their enjoyment and transformation.

It is their custom, with new recruits, to put the
potential slave through testing, to see if the slave
would qualify for their training. Towards that end, i
was advised that if i made the commitment to HER that
i would belong to HER and that i would obey HER
without fail. If i did not follow HER instructions to
the letter, then i would be dropped from the program
immediately, there would be no second chances or
excuses. The MISTRESS asked me quite a few questions,
as to my expectations for service and my
transformation into a sissy slut slave.

i was told that i would be contacted, after my
initial phone interview. Several days later i
received a letter, sent to my work address, from HER.
SHE informed me that due to my deep interest in
becoming a transformed slut slave, i would be subject
to a more extensive initial training process.

MISTRESS, in HER letter, informed me that SHE was
in need of a few more feminized slaves. A male who
could experience some of the beauty of being female,
fully realizing that no lowly male could have any
empathy with the most worthy female gender. i was
given specific instructions in the letter and told
that if I completed all of the tasks then i would
merit further consideration for entry into HER full
slave transformation and training process.

The letter required me to go to a local shopping
mall at exactly noon on the upcoming Friday afternoon.
Unbeknownst to me, there was a home show at the mall
and it was crowded with displays and people. i was to
go to the Victoria Secrets store and purchase a pair
of panties for myself, pink. i was to also purchase
matching pink thigh-high stockings. Then i was
directed to the men's department of the Lazarus store.
i was to pick out some pants and go into the dressing
room and change into my panties and stockings,
replacing my male underwear and socks in the Victoria
Secrets bag. It was very embarrassing and
exhilarating at the same time, knowing i was beginning
my transformation in a men's dressing room. The doors
did not close all the way and the walls were three
feet off the floor. There was no problem for the
other men trying on clothes to see me put on the pink
hose. There looks confirmed what they saw as i exited
the dressing room.

Next i was to go to the drug store in the mall
and ask the clerk to help me find a box of super
absorbent tampons and a box of maxi pads. Before
purchasing these items, i also needed to purchase a
package of rubbers. i was bright red at the check out
counter paying for these three items. i could hear
the snickers from the female clerk who helped me find
the tampons. As embarrassed as i was, i knew that
males needed to be humbled and was comforted in the
thought that i was showing my obedience to my MISTRESS
PATTY. i continually felt that i was being watched
and could only imagine that MISTRESS PATTY had someone
making sure that i was being obedient.

The letter then instructed me to use the restroom
in the Sears store to put the tampon in my worthless
slave asshole, to put the maxi-pad on my panties and
to put a condom on my slave shaft. i was to carry the
boxes from the drugstore, in there almost see through
bag, so that anyone looking could have easily read
what i was carrying. The looks were numerous and my
embarrassment continued to mount to a point of
permanence. All the while i remembered MISTRESS PATTY
and i wanted to obey HER every command.

The next instruction was to go to the pet store
in the mall and buy a dog collar large enough to fit
my slave neck. i was to make sure and try it on in
the store to assure that it fit. It was very
humiliating to try on the collars to find the right
size, most of the people in the store were watching me
by the time that i found the right one. my face was a
permanent crimson by this time and my devotion to my
MISTRESS was continually increasing. All i could
think of was to follow the instructions so that i
could be afforded the opportunity to be transformed
into the female slave i knew i was born to be.

The letter then advised me to call a phone number
and ask for further instructions, i was told to use a
specific phone at the mall. The phone was near the
main aisle and was the one closest to the shoppers,
there was no privacy. i dialed the number and the
voice asked simply "is this that worthless sissy slave
at the mall?" i replied that it was. The voice told
me to loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt collar and
attach the dog collar. i was standing at the pay
phone in clear view of all of the people walking in
the mall. The voice new what color suit, shirt and
tie i had on. There WAS someone watching and keeping
track of my obedience.

The voice then informed me that a slave never
looks at people, especially women, in the face. my
eyes were to be downcast, as was my head. i was to
look totally subservient as i walked in the mall. If
i was seen looking at anyone's face as i walked, then
my next instructions would not be given and i was
dismissed permanently. i immediately lowered my gaze
and my head as i finished the conversation on the
phone. If someone was watching me, i would never know

The voice then said SHE was pleased that i was
following directions so well. At this rate, SHE knew
that i would make a nice feminized slave for HER. i
was then told to go to a certain ladies store that
specialized in larger women. i was to ask the sales
clerk for help in locating a pink bra that would fit
me. Then i was to go to the men's fitting room at
Penney's and put on the bra. Afterwards, i was to sit
in a particular seat in the middle of the mall and
wait exactly two minutes and then i was to take off my
suit coat. i would then receive new instructions, I
was to not put my suit coat back on until instructed
to do so.

my heart pounded with anticipation and excitement
as i went to the women's store. i began looking at
the bras, my first bra, and waited for a sales clerk
to see if i needed assistance. i had no idea what
size or how to buy a bra that would fit me. i simply
explained to the sales clerk that i needed a bra to
fit a lady with a chest about the size of mine. The
sales clerk couldn't help but notice the dog collar
around my neck, then she could see the pink hose
peeking out between the bottom of my pant leg and the
top of my shoe. i never realized just how embarrassed
and humiliated a person could become. i knew that my
face had been crimson for a long time now but i could
feel it getting hotter and deeper red. i knew that my
transformation had begun and that there would be no
turning back, i needed to feminized.

The sales clerk smiled broadly and told me to put
down my packages. It was obvious that SHE saw the
opened boxes of tampons and maxi-pads i had been
carrying. SHE told me to remove my coat so as to
properly fit my size chest. The bras were in a corner
but SHE easily moved me toward the center of the store
and in view of all of the customers, all of whom were
FEMALE. i was growing more and more appreciative of
the superiority of all WOMEN. SHE brought three pink
bras and wrapped each of them around my chest and
hooked them in the back. SHE seemed to leave each of
them on for a very long period of time while SHE
checked the fit. Finally, SHE decided that the second
one was the best fit and put it back on me. Then SHE
asked for a second opinion from HER co-worker. They
both seemed to have a cruel smile on their faces and i
knew for sure that i was inferior to them and all

i left the store and went to the designated
fitting room in Penney's. i had to take off my coat,
tie and shirt to put on the bra. After getting
dressed again, i left the fitting room feeling very
feminine. i went to the seat and waited the two
minutes, then i took off my suit coat and placed it in
my lap.

Anyone who cared to look could easily view the
pink bra showing through my white shirt. The dog
collar was also easily seen, looking down my leg would
give the view of the pink hose peeking out. i thought
of how feminine i felt and how wonderful it was and i
thought of serving MISTRESS PATTY and obeying HER
commands as her female slut slave. i did not look at
anyone's face as i sat there.

i was stunned to hear my name paged over the
intercom for the entire mall. i was being summoned to
the information desk for a message. With my coat in
my arm and my packages in my other hand, i approached
the lady at the information counter. my worthless
slave cock was rock hard and my face was crimson as i
told her that she had paged me. SHE gave me a letter
with my name on it. i sat down to read it.

MISTRESS PATTY was pleased with my obedience so
far. SHE said in her letter that i had been very
obedient so far. The letter contained my final
instructions. i was to go into the cosmetic
department of the department store and purchase a tube
of pink lipstick. Then i was to put the lipstick on
in the bathroom of the mall which happened to be as
far from the exit where my car was parked as it could
be. i was to then immediately exit the mall to my
car. my car was to be moved into the first open space
on the row which led into the main doors of the mall.
i had exactly seven minutes to do this. The letter
told me to begin walking while i read the final
instructions on the second page.

i began walking and opened the second page. Once
in the car, parked where i was told, i was to remove
my worthless cock and stroke myself to ejaculation.
The car was to be turned off and all of the windows
were to be rolled up, it was about 85 degrees out. i
was to keep my eyes closed during this period and once
i filled the rubber with my worthless cum, i was to
count to 100 slowly before opening my eyes. This was
the end of the instructions.

i had walked to the store while i finished
reading this. I quickly bought the lipstick and went
to the restroom. There were two other men in there
when i got there. my time was running short and i
really couldn't wait for them to leave and still make
my time deadline. The thought of being late or
disobeying at this time never entered my mind. i
pulled out the lipstick and put it on in front of
these two stunned men. i left before they could say
anything. Walking through the mall, i could feel all
of the people looking at me. However, with my eyes
and head downcast, i could not confirm this feeling.

i quickly got into the car and went to the
designated row. The first open space was about
fifteen cars from the end of the row. i would be
clearly visible to passers-by and anyone entering one
of the vehicles on either side of me. Without
hesitation i took out my slimy slave cock and began
jacking off. my eyes were closed and i was acutely
aware of all of the sounds of people around the car.
my only thoughts were on my MISTRESS and obeying HER.
After reaching a very quick ejaculation, i began to
slowly count to 100. The heat in the car was
stifling, with the windows closed and my body heat and
the sun pouring in through the windows, i was in a
profuse sweat. i could feel the pattern of the nylons
on my still hairy legs and the tightens of the bra
strap around my chest. These feelings were divine.

After reaching 100, i opened my eyes and saw a
note taped to my window. It said that i had passed my
initial test. i was to remove the cum filled rubber
and put it directly into my mouth and chew on it like
gum. i did as instructed, without hesitation, i knew
that i was now HERS completely. The taste was
terrible but now i knew how WOMEN feel when they are
required to taste this disgusting male excrement. my
final instructions were to drive to a convenience
store and use their outside phone booth to call

i reached the store and called the number on the
note. SHE answered and told me that SHE was proud of
the way i obeyed HER instructions. SHE told me that
SHE and HER friends would review the still pictures
they had taken along with the video tape of me trying
on the bras and beating off in my car. If the
pictures amused them, then they would make their final
determination of my worthiness to serve THEM. i
thanked HER for this opportunity and begged HER to
give me every consideration.

i have really learned the lessons of my humility,
my male worthlessness, and my need to be feminized by
HER. i now know that men were made to be the sissy
slut slaves OF all WOMEN, BY all WOMEN. There is no
question that my place is at the feet of a Dominant
WOMAN, dressed as the slut slave i am, doing HER
bidding and amusing HER for HER pleasure and
enjoyment. i am writing this to both inform YOU on my
entry into sissy slavedom and in hopes of finding a

©2004 The Leather Realm