The Contest

By: slave michael

SHE had received numerous responses to HER
request seeking qualified slaves to serve HER needs
and desires. SHE was having a hard time in weeding
out the good candidates from the bad ones. SHE
mentioned HER problem to one of HER friends, MICHELLE,
SHE was more than eager to help HER in the process.
As it turned out MISTRESS PATTY was able to get help
from three of HER friends in reviewing the

The MISTRESS was able to easily accept several of
the applications and there were several that were
easily disqualified. However, there were many that
were in the questionable range. SHE was unsure on how
to handle the 10 or 12 that may or may not have been
good prospects. The ladies chatted about how to
determine the subservience and sincerity of these
potential slaves to see if any where qualified to
serve the MISTRESS.

They all finally decided that a group interview
would be fun and a way to quickly review the
candidates and to determine if any were worthy for
service. The four women agreed to jointly hold the
group interview. Each took three names to contact for
the big interview. When the potential slaves were
invited and the situation of the group interview was
explained, four of the candidates declined the
invitation. There were eight still willing to attend
to be interviewed.

Each of the candidates was to write out in long
hand why they felt they would be good slaves and why
all men should be slaves to the superior female sex.
These essays were to be brought to the interview.
Also, the women setting up the appointments were
permitted to be creative in any other "orders" they
gave the candidates for the interview.

It had been agreed that all of the slaves would
appear at five minute intervals so that they would not
all arrive at the same time. There slave assholes
were to be filled at the discretion of the female
caller setting up the interview and with any other
undergarments that the interviewer required. Most of
the slaves were required to purchase tampons to insert
into their assholes, however, two of the slaves were
ordered to appear with newly purchased butt plugs
filling their assholes.

They had all been required to purchase panties,
bras and hose from the same Lane Bryant store. The
ladies laughed about the sudden influx of male
customers at this store purchasing large size
lingerie. Actually, they hoped they would run into
each other or that a clerk may say something about
this odd occurrence. Humiliation from females was
something these slaves would have to learn to live

As each of the men arrived they were told to remove
their male clothing and leave only their female
undergarments on. They were then permitted to kiss
the ass of each of the women. The slaves were
blindfolded and taken to the large basement area. In
the basement they were to kneel on all fours and touch
their worthless heads to the floor. It was a long
wait for the first to arrive and as each new arrival
was taken to the basement MISTRESS PATTY could sense
the growing tension in the room from the slaves
already kneeling.

The slaves had been arranged in a circle and
after the last had arrived, the MISTRESS stood in the
center of the circle. SHE announced the rules for the
evening to the kneeling and now lightly perspiring
group of potential slaves.

1. The slaves were not permitted to speak
unless asked a direct question.

2. The slaves were to immediately obey any
order given to them, hesitation or refusal would be
cause for immediate dismissal.

3. Unless directed otherwise, the slaves were
to kneel upright with their fingers laced together
behind their heads.

4. At the end of the evening they would be told
whether they would be acceptable as a slave or would
be permanently dismissed.

5. If any slave wished to stop at any time and
leave they were free to do so and only had to say
"please stop" and he would be permitted to leave but
to never return again.

they were then told to assume their position.
they all immediately knelt upright and laced their
fingers behind their heads. The MISTRESS and HER
friends all smiled at their immediate compliance.
MISTRESS PATTY then took a glass and while standing in
the middle of the blindfolded slaves, SHE squatted
over the glass and filled it with HER golden nectar.
SHE took the glass and went to each of the slaves
individually and required them to each drink HER

In their turn the other three ladies each did the
same thing until all of the slaves had heard the
ladies each piss into the cup and tasted their golden
nectar. Each of the slaves knew that in front of
their blindfolded eyes these ladies had bared their
royal pussies and peed in front of them and then made
them drink it. None of the slaves hesitated,
although, it was obvious that it was the first taste
of piss for several of them.

The ladies then went to each slave, one by one,
and had them stand up. Not removing their blindfolds,
the four WOMEN removed the female undergarments of the
slave. This was done sensuously and slowly, the
LADIES nibbled on ears and kissed nipples and rubbed
cocks and balls. After the last slave, they looked at
the circle and there were eight hard shafts of hot
cock meat sticking out and pointing to the center of
the circle.

They started over with the first slave and this
time they were very rough with his naked body. his
nipples were pinched and bitten and pulled. his cock
was roughly jerked and squeezed and his balls were
cupped and squeezed and pulled. The treatment
continued on each slave until they squealed or moaned
or made enough audible noises to indicate their
discomfort. The MISTRESS watched the other slaves
with interest as their turn was coming and they did
not know why the slave was making the noises he was
making and they knew that they would soon find out.

Before leaving each slave for the next one,
nipple clamps were attached and a parachute was
attached to their balls. The parachute is a leather
piece which snaps around the balls and has chains
hanging below the balls which all are held together by
an "O" ring. From the "O" ring a weight was attached
which caused the slaves balls to be pulled down from
their bodies. Before leaving for the next slave the
weight was pulled as high and far away from the
slave's body as possible and then it was let go to
pull and swing the slave's balls with the aid of

It was a wonderful sight when they were done and
the LADIES would go back to the slaves to make sure
that the weights were continually swinging. After the
last slave was done, they allowed all of the weights
to eventually stop. The slaves were then told to bend
over at the waist and to grab their ankles. The four
ladies then each was assigned to two asses and each
took ping pong paddles. MISTRESS counted to three and
all swung at an ass on cue. They administered ten
smacks to each ass and then moved to the next until
each ass had received forty wacks.

At about the 35th swat one of the slaves said
"please stop". The MISTRESS asked if he understood
all of the implications of the statement and he said
he did. he was escorted upstairs and allowed to put
on his male clothes and at the door his blind fold was
removed and he was literally kicked out of the house.

The MISTRESS returned and surveyed the nicely
reddened asses. The MISTRESS then went to each slave
in turn and had them stand upright with their hands
behind their heads. SHE then removed the tampon or
butt plug and had them open their mouths so that it
could be stored in their mouths, without making a mess
for the MISTRESS.

Then the LADIES all donned rubber gloves and
smeared KY Jelly on and in each asshole and on their
gloves. They took turns finger fucking each asshole
until they had all felt the inside of the 7 remaining
slaves. They went around the second time, this time
inserting two fingers. Then a third time, squeezing a
third finger into each asshole. By this time the
slaves were getting pretty loosened up. The MISTRESS
then went around the last time HERSELF and tested each
asshole for size and pliability and fuckability. SHE
was able to get HER fist into two of the assholes and
felt that with training SHE could do the same with the
rest of the candidates.

An inflatable butt plug was put into each asshole
and MISTRESS went to each slave and pumped air into
the plug to enlarge it, so as to retain the expanded
shape of each slave's asshole. The slaves were then
allowed to resume their submissive kneeling position.
After the last plug was inflated, they were all told
to stand and the ladies went around the circle and
played with each cock to get them rock hard.

They were then told to remove their blindfolds
and keep them in their hands. Each did and they saw
all of the other slaves with hot, hard cocks pointing
at them. Their faces reddened to match their asses.
They were told to step forward and close in the circle
until they were all standing shoulder to shoulder.
Each was then told to remove one hand from behind his
back and to begin jerking off his slave dick.

The MISTRESS and her friends went around the
outside of the circle and spanked asses and told them
to speed up or slow down their jerking motions. The
MISTRESS then informed them that no one was permitted
to come and the first one to ejaculate would be
dismissed. Some of the slaves tried to close their
eyes and to think of other things to hold off the flow
of their worthless juices out of their balls and
through the tip of their dicks.

MISTRESS ordered them to keep their eyes open and
to stare at the dick across from them. They were to
lick their lips and think about watching that dick
entering their MISTRESS' most beautiful pussy. As SHE
talked and spanked, it was obvious that this would not
last much longer and it did not. One of the slaves
popped his load and shot it across the circle and hit
the dick opposite him. They were all told to stop and
it was with mixed emotions because they were all on
the verge of the best orgasm that they would ever

The quick shooter was marched upstairs and the
plug deflated and he was booted out of the house.
There were six left.

they put their blindfolds back on and stepped
back to open up the circle. In turn each slave was
bent over and the plug deflated and removed, however,
in its place the slaves felt something cold and weird.
The MISTRESS and HER friends had put dill pickles
into each of their assholes. The pickles were large,
sour, slippery and cold.

The slaves were ordered to "duck walk" around the
room. The blind folds remained and their hands were
behind their heads. As they started to move from the
squatting position, they were told of the rules of
this "game." The first slave to let the pickle slip
out of his asshole would have to eat the other five
pickles out of the assholes of the other slaves. The
fun began, the slaves would run into each other and
fall over and with urging from the MISTRESS, by way of
a whip, they would quickly get backup and begin
walking again.

The weights from the parachute around their balls
were being dragged behind them and every now and then
one of the weights would get stepped on. This would
cause the slave to stop and/or fall over before his
balls were ripped from his body. The LADIES were
laughing hysterically at the humiliation of these
potential slaves. The MISTRESS began to spur on the
slaves to take longer strides and the nipples clamps
were pulled and tugged by HER and HER friends.
Eventually, after one particularly long stride by a
slave, his pickle slid right out of his asshole and
onto the floor. they were all told to stop.

MISTRESS lined up the five slaves and had them
bend over and hold their ankles. The loser removed
his blind fold and was made to kneel behind the slaves
looking at their asses and their pickles sticking out.
The losing slave was allowed to remove the tampon
from his mouth and was then told to begin eating the
pickles. he went to the first ass and the pickle was
more than half way out, he grabbed it with his teeth
and pulled it out. With his hands behind his head it
was difficult for him to get it into his mouth but he
finally did eat the first one.

The second pickle was barely visible and he could
not get his teeth around it. he tried for quite some
time but was unable to remove it. MISTRESS announced
that he lost and he was taken up stairs and dismissed
in the same manner as the previous two.

The pickle less slave was given a bowl and told
to hold it behind each asshole. The slaves were to
force the pickles from their ass and into the bowl.
The slave with the bowl had to be quick enough to
catch them as they squirted out. Two popped out at
the same time and one hit the floor. he did catch the
others in the bowl. MISTRESS told him to eat the one
he missed, he looked at it on the floor and pieces of
brown shit stuck to one end of it. he put his head
down on the floor and began to try and eat from the
other end. The smell of the shitty pickle overcame
him and the first taste of the other slave's shit sent
him dry heaving. he was dismissed for his weak

Now there were only four potential slaves left.
The MISTRESS and HER friends gave each one a hot and
soapy two quart enema and replaced the inflatable butt
plugs to keep the enemas in place. Then, with their
blind folds in place, each of the slaves took up a
kneeling position in front of four chairs. The ladies
took their seats and the slaves had to begin
worshipping their feet. After fifteen minutes the
slaves changed positions until they had sucked every
female toe in the basement. The ladies kept notes on
each slave and rated their foot worshipping ability.

Next the slaves were allowed to worship the
assess of the ladies and the same process took place.
None of the potential slaves had been disappointing in
their performance but it was obvious that the enemas
were really making them uncomfortable. As a reward for
their good oral worship they would be allowed to
remove the enemas.

First the MISTRESS had them kneel in a close
circle facing each other and they were allowed to
masturbate. The MISTRESS was judging their stroking
ability and the distance their cum would shoot, they
were instructed to hit the cock opposite them. No one
was permitted to stop jacking off until the last one
came. This did not take long after all of the
stimulation they had received. They all appeared to
be exhausted but they were told to get their cocks
hard again. Once all four cocks were hard then they
could expel their enemas.

After all of the cocks were hard again, they were
led from the basement into the now dark and secluded
back yard. they were each given a small shovel and
told to dig a hole for their shit. After the hole was
dug then they could squat over the hole and fill it
with their shit, then cover it back with the dirt they
had dug up. The Ladies sat on the porch to compare
notes and to discuss the slaves' potential.

At the end of the discussion it was apparent to
the MISTRESS that HER friends had really enjoyed the
exercise. SHE determined that all four slaves would
be acceptable to HER. SHE then allowed HER friends to
choose one of the slaves as THEIR own. SHE would
train all four but each of HER friends would actually
own one of them. After their shit was properly buried
the MISTRESS explained THEIR decision.

The slaves' were happy to have passed and looked
forward to serving these wonderfully superior beings
for the rest of their worthless male lives.

©2004 The Leather Realm