Always Curious...

By: MsPatty

Since IM always the curious one I had my anal slut come over for a session. Ive had him for a little over two years now so I use him often to do
new things with. After a couple of enemas since I prefer sliding my cock into a clean ass plus it causes a more enjoyable experience for both him
and myself I inserted a gloved finger with oral gel on it since this does numb. The results was quite possitive.

I began with him being in the position which is face down and ass in the air, legs spread. Then inserting a medium size plug. Allowing him to get
comfortable with it. Then going to a larger size cock that was attached to my strap on. It was a 8 inch which he took quite well which is normal.
Which I continued to enter him till I became quite arroused. At this time he was also quite gapping and loose. Then I inserted a larger dildo which
is the size of a baseball around. Quite large and normally takes quite a while to physically be able to take the head being inserted in him. Once in I
began to question him. When questioned I found out he hardly noticed the plug nor did he the strap on. The sensation he explained was of
pressure or fullness which is normal except entry was much more relexed without the normal stress on the muscle. He did though notice when the
large dildo was inserted. But while the pressure increased there was only slight stress on the actual muscle. This did cause some discomfort but
nothing too serious. Once I finished questioning him I began to slide this huge dildo in and out. This happened for just awhile. I noticed when I
would exit his opening it would remain wide. Actually allowing me to look inside his cavity. I re-entered once again but left the large dildo inside
while I lubed my gloved hand. I removed the dildo slowly then I replaced it with my fist slowly. Many BBW's have large hands which I do as
well. While he had been fisted before I noticed it was much easier to do so when the opening had been numbed before hand. I also noticed
physically he was able to take much more than ever before. Longer time plus more of my arm.

When all was finished and cleaned up there was slight discomfort for him and better results with the process taking less time and the actual
penitration lasting much longer.

©2004 The Leather Realm