By: Mistress Patty

I never get enough when it comes to exploring interests that I enjoy. Over the last few weeks a new toilet slave has been emailing and we have been emailing back and forth. So many things we chatted about which caught My fancy. Our conversations was so great that when a week prior to our meeting came I began not only counting the days but collecting My brown to use. With each brown release I would collect My precious treasure in a sealed bowl. From Tuesday till Friday night. Oh yes one more day till I use My toilet.

Having very little sleep I began My preparations. Starting with setting up My potty box with a tarp extending from it. Then off to the bathroom where I placed an empty large bowl, My blender and My enema equipment. With each step of My preparation, My panties began getting wet and I felt as though I was a giddy school girl filled to the brim with excitement.

Once finished I jumped in the shower to get ready for My toilet. I could feel the pressure building up from My oven. My insides begging for its final release. By now 2 hours had passed and My insides was even more filled with My chocolate goodness. Quickly the time was passing as I counted the minutes till My toilet's arrival.

A light knock at My door and I knew instantly he had arrived and I invited him in. Being new to Me, we sat and chatted some to settle nerves and to get acquainted. After a while I told him to undress and sit at the foot of the potty box and lay back which he did without hesitation. Laying there looking ever so peaceful I began questioning him again then proceeded to sit above him. Taking My place, sitting on top of My potty box I order him to open his mouth for golden....slowly I released into his awaiting mouth. "Now toilet open your mouth so that I can feed you" I say as I begin to push. Since waiting so long to release even after pushing My oven refused to release it's gifts so I tell him to walk thru to the bathroom. One way or another I would be inside him today.

Leading him to the bathroom giggling I instruct him to get into the bath tub on his hands and knees. Once he is in position I began to fill My enema can with warm water and baking soda to administer an enema to clean him out before I enter him. Once filled I have him hold it then release into the empty bowl. At this I reply "this will come in handy later, now stay in position till I return."

As I left grabbing the container to My blender I walk into another room. I squatted over it to fill with some of My golden then put some of the brown I had collected the night before into it as well then put it on the base. Suddenly My mix of golden and brown became a thin paste useable for My special enema.

As I entered again the bathroom I began to fill My brown enema bag with My special enema mix. Once filled I inserted the enema nozzle into his tight bottom. Ahh a cherry ass to enemas. How lovely I thought to Myself. As it began to fill him slowly with My warm special mix I could tell he was getting even more excited. After awhile I began to ask him if he tasted Me and I told him to turn around and sit.

Mmmm I love being creative. I brought out My collection of brown and began coating him with it. Taking My hands, getting more excited by the texture and sight of My brown covered toilet, I covered his face, head and worked down to his feet. My toilet's entire body from head to toe was covered with My brown. To add more I began to pour his released enema full of shit and piss down his body plus told him to release My brown enema from inside of him. Getting more excited I sat beside the tub and began to just simply play with the brown that had dripped into the tub from his body. Making patterns, covering every spot.

My lungs filled with the smell of Me and the wonderful view of My shit covered toilet caused My body to react. I knew at this point I wanted him more. At this I told him that next time he will be staying overnight for Me to use him even more.

All wonderful things must come to an end so I had him shower and told him to meet Me in the playroom. After a few minutes as I was looking at the pictures I had taken he entered.

What a wonderful morning I thought to Myself as he left. I will definitely be using this toilet again.