By Mistress Patty

Today was like any other day here with one little twist. Today I had a toilet slave arriving to use. What a treat to use a human toilet that I can enjoy. Getting things ready was on the top of the list before My toilet arrived today which included a little something I had been keeping overnight covered in the fridge.

As the time was flying by I hear a knock on the door. Ahh yes it must be toilet. I walk to door, swing the screen door open quickly and invite toilet in. As we enter My play area I tell toilet to undress while I am in the other room for a bit. When I return I am wearing simply panties  and a bustier. " Clothing will just get in the way today" I say as I am walking towards toilet. I reach for his hand and tell him to come with Me. I lead him towards the bathroom. Giggling I proclaim a toilet is always found inside the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I order him to lay inside the tub which he does immediately. I leave for a bit then return with a covered bowl. Smiling I begin telling toilet that he is going to entertain Me today. "I'm feeling frisky today toilet, almost like a child again." I take a seat on the edge of the tub with My legs reaching over toilet's body. I slide My panties off and straddle toilet's body then flip the plunger in drain of the tub. My soft juicy ass a few inches above his chest and stomach. Suddenly a stream of golden begins to coat his body. "Mmmm I need more to really enjoy Myself today".  After a huff and push I begin to release from My large oven a nice creamy light brown load in the center of toilet's chest that amounted to at least 2 cups. From under Me I hear toilet moaning from the feeling of slick wetness and creamy warm goodness resting upon his flesh.

I turn around facing toilet and begin running My fingers over his flesh into My creamy shit, filling My palms and squishing it then smearing it even more over his body. Soon his chest and stomach was covered, working My covered hands up to his neck. Giggling I kiss his lips gently and tell him that I was having so much fun. I quickly grab the covered bowl from before and begin to dump it's content onto his chest. The cold mixture caused immediate reactions. "Yes toilet as you can tell I've been saving since yesterday My shit so today I could have enough to truly enjoy you with" giggling. As I continue smearing and spreading a thick layer of shit upon his skin I work My way up to his face.

Cheeks, lips, chin, nose, forehead and hair I cover them in a nice thick layer of the now mixed loads of shit. Joyfully, once his entire head and face is covered I begin to work My way down past his chest and stomach down to his now erect cock. Sliding My covered hands along his erect cock, toilet begins to vibrate from the shit covered attention of My slick hands. Spreading the lips of his urethra open to give the little bitch a taste of My sweet treat.  Resuming My path of covering his entire body, I continue spreading a nice coat of shit down his thighs and legs to his toes.

Once covered completely I focus once again My slick hands to his shit covered cock and balls. "So close," I reply to his now constant moans. Suddenly I stop to his dismay and remove My bustier. As toilet is lying in the tub now completely covered in My shit and piss I lean forward and lay My nude flesh upon his shit covered body. Squishing and smearing My shit all over both of us. My erect nipples digging into his flesh. My very large soft breasts now covered I straddle his legs and begin once again pumping his shit covered cock. "Beg for My permission toilet to explore" I order. Toilet cries out "please, please let me explode Mistress, my Goddess".  I replied " you may".  As the words leave My lips he explodes upon his stomach, covering My shit with his white creamy mess. "This will not do" I chastise.

I slide My hands around his shit and cum covered stomach and scoop up the mess. Holding his mess over his lips I order toilet to open his mouth and to clean up his mess. Toilet does so quickly till every inch of My hand is clean.

I stand over toilet and turn on the shower, allowing the warm water to cover My body. Pouring body wash into My breasts to lather My skin to clean up from our visit. Toilet remains laying in the tub, suds and water slowly causing little splotches of his skin to become uncovered. Once finished showering I step out of the tub and look down at My very wet and shit stained toilet and say......."We will have to do this again, I've enjoyed you today. Now shower, clean up, dress and leave for I am finished with you today."

As I am typing this I hear My screen door close. Mmmm I love being creative.

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