Hard/Soft Limits

By: Mistress Patty

While you may have heard these terms you may not have an understanding of them. Any Dominant you contact SHOULD ask you what your hard and soft limits are. If not, make sure that you inform them. This information allows both you and your Dominant an enjoyable experience.  Without this information the scene could be interrupted or stopped completely from the lack of this vital information. Both of you have hard and soft limits which these should be discussed during negotiations of a scene or meeting.

What are Hard Limits?

These are things you will not or can not do. An experienced Dominant will respect these limits and will not cross them. Here is a list of the Top 10 Hard Limits:

#1) Brown Showers #2) Same Sex #3) Children #4) Animals

#5) Rainbow (Vomit)

#6) Permanent Marks #7)  Blood #8) Video/Pictures #9) Insertables #10) Golden Showers

What are Soft Limits?

These are things you can't imagine yourself doing unless forced or ordered to by your Dominant. An experienced Dominant will push these limits. Here is the list of the Top 10 Soft limits. Note some are same as above.

#1) Golden Showers

#2) Same Sex

#3) Electro Play

#4) Mummification

#5) Piercings

#6) Single Tail

#7) Medical

#8) Anal 

#9) Shaving/Waxing

#10) Insertables

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