The Hunt

By: slave michael

MISTRESS PATTY called HER slave and told him to put on
HER panties, which he kept at his office. he was to
also insert a tampon into his slave ass. After he did
this in the public restroom at his office, he was to
call HER for further instructions.

SHE told him to play with his cock and get it very
hard and wet in HER panties. he was to then meet HER
at a certain address. he found the apartment building
and knocked on the door. The door opened and it was
pitch darkness, before he could focus his eyes, the
door was shut and he was told to put his hands on the
door. A blindfold was put over his eyes and his
clothes were removed, all but the panties.

There were several different voices he could hear
while he was being stripped. his hands were tied
behind his back and a leash was tied around his cock
and balls. he was pushed to his knees and was forced
to crawl on his knees to follow his cock and balls
which were being pulled by the leash. Suddenly the
pressure stopped and he could feel that he was the
center of attention. he was told to stand and spread
his legs.

Several sets of hands began to inspect him. his
nipples were played with and tweaked into rigidity and
his cock and balls were tugged, pulled and stretched.
he even felt the KY jelly on his ass and the rubber
gloved hand violating his slave hole, first with one
finger then with two.

Just as suddenly as the examination started the hands
were removed and he was left with a raging hard on,
sore balls and erect nipples. With the pulling of the
leash, he was again forced to his knees. MISTRESS
PATTY finally spoke and told him that he was going on
a pussy hunt. Simply by his sense of smell he was to
crawl around the room until he found a pussy. his
reward was to eat the pussy until the owner had
achieved at least one orgasm. Then he was to continue
on his search until he had found and satisfied each
and every pussy.

he was given one hour to complete the task, if he was
able to find and satisfy each pussy then he would be
placed on his back on the floor and all of the ladies
would play with him until he achieved his greatest
orgasm ever. However, if he failed then he would be
forced to suck his first cock and satisfy its owner by
having him come in his mouth. he would then be
dismissed and would have to deal with his hot and hard
cock on his own, without their help. The slave
immediately began his search, he did not know how many
women there were.

After finding and eating, to the owners satisfaction,
three succulent pussies, he ran into the cock. The
ladies all laughed as his face, expecting a wet pussy,
snuggled between the new pair of legs and found a nine
inch cock poking him in his blind folded eyes.

he immediately retreated and now believed in their
threat if he lost. he only had about fifteen more
minutes and still did not know for sure how many more
pussies there were to be found. he found one more and
ate it with vigor and enthusiasm, the owner reached
three quick climaxes as a result of his renewed
intensity. The time was almost up and he kept
searching and sniffing, he found another set of feet
and when he got to the divine "V" he realized from the
taste that he had been here before.

The time was up and he had indeed found all of the
pussies. he was put on the floor and the ladies did
play with him and make him beg for release. his
nipples were enlarged and sore to the touch from the
attention they received and his balls were heavy and
sore from the stimulation without release. Finally,
they told him he could come if he ate all of it and if
he would lay in the bath tub and let all of the women
piss on him.

In his state of anxiety and tension from needing
release, he would have agreed to anything. he said
yes and then shot a huge amount of cum all over his
stomach. This was scooped up by the ladies on their
toes and feet and feed to him until it was all eaten.
he was then pulled into the bathroom by the leash
around his balls. The blindfold was still on and he
was placed in the bath tub.

The first lady grabbed the leash and tugged on his
balls. SHE told him to keep his mouth open and SHE
kept the pressure on his balls to make sure he did.
SHE then pissed all over his face and into his mouth.
The next lady straddled his cock and balls and
completely washed them in her golden nectar telling
him that his puny slave cock was only good enough to
be pissed on. The other ladies followed suit. he lay
in the bathtub of piss while the ladies dressed and

he was allowed to towel dry and then his clothes were
given to him. he put them on with the blindfold still
in place and then the door was opened and he was told
to leave the blind fold on the door knob. Now when he
sees a lady smile at him he always wonders if it is a
friend of MISTRESS PATTY's that has pissed all over
him. Let him wonder!!

©2004 The Leather Realm