By: slave michael

The slave received his instructions. he was to
purchase a pair of sissy pink panties and a matching
bra, white thigh high hose, a box of tampons, a box of
maxi-pads, pink finger nail polish and pink lipstick.
Prior to his drive to worship his MISTRESS PATTY, he
was to put two tampons into his sissy hole and put two
pads between his legs and then put on the panties, bra
and hose.

About half way to his rendezvous with his destiny,
MISTRESS PATTY, he was to stop and fill up his gas
tank at a truck stop. SHE had indicated which one he
was to stop at. his instructions were to fill up the
gas and then take two more tampons and go into the
restroom, with all of the truckers. he was to remove
the two tampons in his ass and replace them with two
new ones. The strings of the tampons were to be tied
together and he was to pay for his gas while he held
the dark stained and smelly tampons in his other hand.

After he was in the car, he was to apply his lipstick
for the remainder of the journey. Also, he was to
take the two tampons and insert one in each of his
nostrils so that he would smell his shit all the way
there. When this was done, then he was to paint his
finger nails. Before leaving the truck stop, he was
to remove his shirt and expose his bra and pull his
pants off so that all of the truckers could see his
panties and hose as they looked down into his car.

When he got into her town, he was allowed to put his
shirt and pants back on. he had never heard so many
truck horns as were blown when they went by him, he
was glad he did not have a CB to hear them talking
about him.

Before entering MISTRESS PATTY'S he was to remove the
tampons from his nose and hide them in his mouth,
behind his pink lips. he fell to his knees in HER
presence and removed his male clothing. SHE asked if
he had cotton mouth from the tampons and he shook his
head affirmatively. With HER devilish smile, SHE took
a glass and standing behind him, he was not yet
privileged enough to watch, filled it with HER golden
nectar. SHE placed the glass on the ground in front
of him and told him to spit the tampons into the

The tampons immediately blossomed out with the influx
of HER delicious liquid. he was then told the put
them back into his mouth and suck out HER taste, he
gladly obeyed. This process was repeated until all of
HER nectar had been absorbed into HER new possession.
SHE took HER slave into the make-up area and began to
apply blush and eye make-up. Next his bra was moved
above his nipples and MISTRESS PATTY began to enjoy
HERSELF by playing with HER two new toys. SHE loved
the way SHE could make this big male jump with just a
twist of HER lovely wrist.

When SHE felt that his nipples were properly at
attention, SHE inserted breast forms into his bra,
giving them weight and shape. SHE then turned HER
attention to the cock SHE now owned. The sight of the
bulging and hard cock jutting out from the pink
panties was not at all pleasing to HER. SHE took a
length of leather and tied one end around his left
ball, then SHE stretched the leather around his ass
and tied the other end to his right ball. The leather
had been soaking in cold water and was very wet. SHE
tied another piece around the tip of the cock SHE now
owned and pulled the cock down between his stretched
balls. SHE pulled this piece of leather through his
legs and up his ass crack to tie off on the leather
piece tied to his balls. Now if that cock wanted to
pull forward from between his legs it would pull the
leather strap separating his balls and pull them
farther apart.

SHE then stood close behind the slave and sensually
rubbed his ass cheeks, SHE moved and undulated HER
perfect hips against his sissy slave body and he knew
that SHE owned him. SHE bit his ear lobe and
whispered in his ear that as the leather dried against
his hot body it would begin to shrink and pull even
tighter. SHE had some things for him to do and if he
did them right and quickly then maybe the leather
would not have started to dry, but. . . .

SHE chuckled in his ear and bit it again as SHE slowly
unwrapped HERSELF from HER now shaking and terrified
slave. SHE then left the room and reappeared with a
pair of shorts, a halter top and a pair of white shoes
with a small heel. he began to pull on the shorts,
they fit very tight, like a second skin and they were
very difficult to get on. he could barely move in
them and they made his balls and cock ache more than
he thought possible. The halter top was very tight
and popped his tits way out. he was quite a sight
with his white shoes and hose and the tight shorts and
halter top.

MISTRESS PATTY stepped back to admire HER new sissy
slut slave. SHE left the room and appeared with
pretty white dangling ear rings. SHE attached them
and as SHE did, SHE told him that maybe it would be a
good idea if they went to the mall like this and he
could have his ears pierced so that he could wear even
sluttier ear rings. The cold sweat he was
experiencing began to pour out when he thought of
this, but he knew that if this is what SHE wanted, he
was powerless to resist HER.

he walked very slowly as the maxi pads were crushing
into his cock and his ass crack. his balls were being
crushed by the jeans and he really was having trouble
walking. SHE told him to follow HER to the door and
then SHE turned around. SHE gave him a big hug and
ground her delectable hips into his, mangling his
protruding balls in the process. SHE could not
contain HER laughter at that point.

SHE took the elevator to One and he walked the three
flights of stairs, as best as he could. he was
sweating and walking in a very weird fashion when he
reached the ground floor. he brought his car around
for HER, he got out and opened HER door for HER. SHE
directed him to pick up MISTRESS GINA. he walked, in
a manner of speaking, up to HER door and escorted HER
to the car.

They then went to a McDonald's where the slave had to
stand in line and get his OWNER'S their food, THEY
went to find seats. he brought the food, to the
snickers of the workers and patrons who all thought he
looked ridiculous. his face was red and he had never
been so humiliated, yet, when he brought the food to
MISTRESS PATTY, he knew this was his destiny. All of
the humiliation he was experiencing was worth it
because it was for HER he was doing it.

The LADIES ate, with the slave standing next to their
table staring at THEIR gorgeous feet. On the way back
seat and SHE removed HER shoes. SHE lifted HER foot
over the seat and had the slave worship and suck on
HER feet and toes while he drove. At one light, the
guys in the car next to theirs began to hoot and
holler at the foot sucker, he thought it was the
longest red light he had ever waited at.

After walking up the three flights, he met the ladies
at the elevator where they waited for him. THEY led
him back into the dungeon and slowly peeled off his
too tight outfit. his balls and cock had become numb
and when they were released from their bondage the
pain soared through him.

MISTRESS PATTY had been pleased with his obedience and
SHE had been excited by his humiliation and what he
was willing to endure for HER. he laid on the floor
and SHE put ankle cuffs on him and pulled his ankles
and legs straight up to the ceiling. The cuffs were
attached to rings in the ceiling so that his legs were
spread wide and he was hunched up on his back with his
ass in the air. A pillow was placed under his head
and he was then staring a few feet from the tip of his
hard and wet cock.

MISTRESS PATTY donned some rubber gloves. SHE began
to stroke his cock and balls and poured baby oil over
them. The oil dripped down his ass and SHE played
with his slut hole and began to slowly finger fuck him
while SHE encouraged his erection with HER other hand.
SHE then explained to him that he was to ejaculate in
such a fashion that he caught his cum in his mouth.
The sweat appeared again, SHE knew he did not like the
taste of his cum and SHE also knew that he would not
want to disobey HER.

SHE added a finger to his ass and accelerated the
pumping, SHE also began to stroke his cock with vigor.
It did not take long and with a wide open mouth, SHE
directed his squirting cum towards his face. he was
able to move his head and catch some of the cum. SHE
removed HER fingers and stuck them up his nostrils to
leave his shit there for him to smell the rest of the
day. SHE smeared his cum over his face until it
glistened. SHE then dismissed him and told him to
dress, leaving the cum on his face and the shit up his
nose. he wondered how he had been so lucky and
privileged to serve such a great LADY!!!

©2004 The Leather Realm