My Personal Fetishes/Interests:

Bondage: Rope, Leather Restraints, Chain, Stress Positions, Steel Stockade, Spreader Bars, Mental Bondage, Predicament Bondage, Restrictive Bondage, Short or Long Term Caging. There is never only one way to restrain you, keeping you helpless both physically and psychologically is what gets My juices flowing.

Mummification & Sensory Deprivation: PVC Body Bag, Leather Body Bag, Plastic Wrap, Casting, Deprivation Leather Hoods, Canvas Straight Jacket (Traditional Medical), Leather Straight Jacket & Leather Straps. Helplessness taken to a higher level, no one escapes not even you. The world around you continues to spin but you will not. So many senses taken away. I take away your sense of touch, sight, hearing and place a gag between your lips so you may not utter a word.

Breath Play & Aroma Fetish: Dry Cleaning Bags, PVC Hoods, Latex Hoods, Plastic Bags, Gas Masks (Russian & American), Inhalation Set up & Re-breather. I hold your life in My hands, I allow you to breath when I desire you to breath. If I so desire it, I will contaminate your fresh air.

Discipline Role-Play: Mother, Aunt, Baby Sitter, Disciplinarian, Teacher & Confessional. Spare the rod, spoil the child... now I will show you what that means.

Discipline/Impact Play/Therapeutic Spanking/Corporal Punishment: Caning (Rattan, Bamboo & Nylon), Wooden Paddles, Single Tail (Whips), OTK (Over The Knee), Leather Straps, Crops & Hand Spanking. Perhaps it's the humiliation of being disciplined. Of course it could be the sensations during or afterwards that can last for a time as a nice little reminder. Some view discipline as therapeutic, getting or keeping them on track towards their personal goals while others use it as a way to get their juices flowing. My personal reasons for enjoying discipline is simple...I enjoy taking your control from you. Disciplining others feeds My Sadistic desires, My Dominant tendencies for order/control and physically causes My panties to get damp.

Medical Fetish: Sounds (Urethral Stretching), Catheters, Needles, Sutures, Prostate Massage, Enemas, Pap (Vaginal/Anal Exam), Anal Dilation (Anal Stretching), Therapeutic Fire Cupping, Therapeutic Cupping (Pump), Bladder Irrigation, Surgery/Cutting (Fantasy), Penectomy (Fantasy) and Physical Exam. It is unbelievably hard to be a good medical professional when your panties are soaked from such stimulating procedures. Mmmm have I told you that shiny surgical steel in My eyes is better than any diamond?

Body Art: Hot Iron Branding, Strike Branding, Cauterize Branding, Artistic Cutting, Cell Popping, Needle Design & Corset Lacing (Needle (temp) or Piercings (perm). Using My gift of a fetish for medical detail and My lust for art drives Me.

Body Mods: Permanent Piercing, Temp Piercing, Lacing, Scarification, Penile Bisection/Splitting, Scrotal & Breast Infusion, Testicle Injections/Infusion, Burdizzo, Infibulations (Scrotal Suturing or Stapling) & Branding.

Anal Training: Strap-on, Dildo, Plugs, Fisting, Figging, & Retention. If I actually had a cock, I'd be dangerous. Every slut, male or female would be bent over and fucked by Me.

Sensation Play: Slapping, Biting, Pinching, Kicking, Tickling, Wax, Cold/Hot & Scratching.

CBT (Cock & Ball Torture): Cock & Ball Restraint, Ball Stretching, Cock Pumping, Ball Busting/Kicking & Ball Crushing. "Grab a man by the balls and soon his heart and mind will follow." I live by these words.

Sissification: Sissy & Slut Training. Whether you are My pretty sissy gurl or My dirty little slut, I am going to teach you exactly what I expect you to be.

Water Sports: Brown and Golden Showers, Brown or Golden Enemas, Poo Paint, Diapers & Punishment Enemas. Wicked, kinky and creative is only the beginning when I start enjoying you.

Castration Fetish (Fantasy): Surgical, Banding, Burdizzo and Manual. I have no need for you to have balls....yank!

Toilet Slavery: Brown, Golden, Red Wine, Formal Setting, Food Incorporation, Forced Consumption & Human Toilet Paper (Rimming). Sexy, erotic, stimulating and intimate...this is one way that I allow you to have a part of Me deep within your body. Me running thru you, I view as a sacred gift that I allow the select to have of Me.

Smoking Fetish: Cigarette Burns, Human Ashtray (with or without gag), Erotic Smoking & Forced Smoking. I am a smoker, deal with it.

Domestic Servitude: Maid & Butler Training. Being My maid or butler is your purpose, your goal is to make My life a little easier by waiting on Me hand and foot.

Humiliation: Public, Semi-Private, Objectification, Dehumanizing Degradation, CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male), Small Penis Humiliation, Financial Slavery & Consensual Blackmail.

Sensual Domination

Body Worship: Foot, Stockings, Ass, Shoes & Heels.

Smothering: Ass, Body & Breast

Squashing: Full Weight or Straddling

Electro Stimulation: Tens, E-Stim, Eros TEK ET-302R, Violet Wand, Insertables (Plugs/Sounds), CBT & Nipples

Chastity: Tease & Denial, Ruined Orgasm, Edging, Keyholding, & Prostate Massage (Milking). So many are controlled by their genitals, thus I keep them under My thumb by taking control of those little bits between their thighs in so many ways.

Diaper Fetish: Locking you inside a diaper and plastic pants will certainly bring a smile to My lips.

Age Regression: Adult Baby. Mommy's little baby...need I say more?

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