I have decided to begin allowing those males unable to come personally to Me to have a chance to please Me with Keyholding.  Below you will find basic questions answered about what is required of you to be eligible to serve in this way. Since chastity is a personal journey that you and I will experience together each male's experience will be designed specifically to them.

 While I have that bit of flesh between your thighs under My control, I will be wearing the key to your bits on My special necklace that falls between My breast. Why? Because while you have a constant reminder of My control over you, I will be getting constantly wet from knowing My little key controls you.  Oh yes such a small little thing so close to My heart.  Just imagine all the orgasms I will be having wearing that key while you suffer.

If you do not currently own a Chastity device begin your search as well as find additional information about Chastity at KeptForHer.com


You will complete the Keyholding Introduction Form at the bottom of this page. If you do NOT include all the information I require you will NOT be accepted.

If outside of the United States, you must provide your own Numbered Lock which many chastity devices have as options when ordering.

You must own your own chastity device BEFORE sending an introduction email to Me.

A small tribute of $15 per 3-7 day term will be required via Paypal, Amazon Email Gift Certificate or sent via snail mail prior to My lock being shipped to you.

Are you experienced in LONG TERM chastity? Then My 30 day term is better for you. Tribute for each period of 30 days of chastity is $50 with a commitment of 1 assignment required of you per week plus daily check in via Email, Text message, FaceTime or Skype as well as a proof picture every Sunday BEFORE 10pm EST.


Length of confinement is in a 3-7 day term unless specifically experienced with long term chastity. Length is agreed on during original contact. Once you receive My lock you will provide photographic proof via Email or Text. Within the term I will mail you the key to use when it is time for the lock to be removed. For those unable to use a traditional brass lock because of Airport security checks and whatnot I do have Numbered Locks to use with you unless you have them to use with your chastity device.

1 email/phone assignment will be given during any 3-7 day term. Whether the assignment is via email or phone/text is My choice.

Additional phone assignments are possible with additional tribute. Possible assignments may involve toys, public humiliation, photos, webcam or phone entertainment for Me, shopping assignment for you, online stimulation and so on. There is no limit to My imagination.

Emergency release is only granted when there is a serious illness.

Early Release Requested for any other reason will require a Wanker Fee of $50 prior to release.

Renewal of Keyholding Commitment eligibility is strictly based on how well My prior experience has been with you.

Introduction Form

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