Lunch With slave

By: slave michael

in the Chinese restaurant with very smug smiles as
they watched him approach. MISTRESS FRANCENE slid out
of the booth to allow him to slide into his seat.
they both began to smile broadly and stare at him.
been discussing him and his subservient behavior.

MISTRESS FRANCENE could hardly contain her excitement
as she was speaking to him. She told him that she
understood that he had to make himself available to
"take care of" any of MISTRESS PATTY'S sexual desires
and needs. MISTRESS PATTY had bragged to MISTRESS
FRANCENE about some of the things she made her slave
do and some of the things she did to her slave.
MISTRESS FRANCENE said that it all sounded so

MISTRESS PATTY said that they had discussed my
situation and that they felt that it was only right
that they both take advantage of my slavery. From
this day forward he was to be their slave and strictly
obedient to them, his mission in life was to please
them and make them happy and do whatever they told him
to do. They could hardly contain themselves with
anticipation as they saw the sheep dog look on his
face as his head hung in submission.

Before going farther, they told him to take the bag
into the bathroom and he would find his instructions
inside. They both held their breath to see if he
would comply and if in fact he would be theirs. he
obediently got up and took the bag into the bathroom.
Both women beamed at each other.

he sat in the stall in the bathroom and opened the
bag. The bag contained a condom, two tampons, a cock
ring and a tube of bright pink lipstick along with his
instructions. he was to remove his underpants and
place them in the bag. With his cock rock hard he had
to snap the cock ring in place at its tightest setting
and then cover it with the condom. The tampons were
to be licked and sucked by the slave and when
lubricated by his own spit they were to be inserted
into his slave asshole. The tampons were difficult to
insert into his slave ass without proper lubrication.
he tried to sit still and adjust to the full sensation
in his ass, however, his instructions only allowed him
two minutes to accomplish everything.

Before leaving the bathroom, he had to go to the
mirror and apply a liberal amount of lipstick. The
instructions then called for him to return to the
table and stand at the edge of the table with his hard
cock pushing through his pants and resting on the
table. he did as instructed and felt humiliated and
embarrassed to be dressed in this manner and acting
this way in a public restaurant.

The ladies were chatting and laughing when he returned
and they ignored him until their conversation was
finished. he stood there with his ass full and his
hot hard cock resting on the table, hoping no one
noticed his lipstick. Fortunately, with the condom on
he would not be dripping and wetting his pants also.
Despite his predicament, his cock stayed hard and he
was excited about serving and pleasing these two
beautiful women.

Finally, they both looked over at his cock and they
both stroked it and squeezed it, making it harder than
it had ever been, before letting him return to his
seat. he ceremoniously handed over the bag with his
underwear in a symbolic gesture of surrender to these
two obviously superior women. he was told to unzip
his pants and pull out his cock and balls, under the

The ladies then began to explain the rules of his

1. Nothing less than total obedience would ever be

2. Their pleasure was paramount and his pleasure was
not a consideration.

3. When in public with them or their friends he was to
never wear male underwear.

4. he was to call each of them every morning for

5. he was to never masturbate without their
permission, whether in their presence or not.

6. A tampon or butt plug must be in his slave ass at
all times.

7. he must spend a minimum of two hours per week for
their pleasure and at their direction.

8. When not in public places (public places do not
include private residences or automobiles) with them
or their friends, his cock and balls must always be
exposed and available for their use and amusement.

9. he is not permitted to speak without permission.

10. Violation of any of these rules or any more that
may be added later shall subject the slave to severe
discipline as decided in the sole discretion of the
offended party, be it either of his MISTRESS' or one
of their friends.

The slave blinked his understanding and then he was
asked if he had any questions. he simply asked what
was to be expected of him as their slave. They looked
at each other and smiled.

MISTRESS PATTY told him that he was going to be used
as their personal pussy pamperer. They would expect
him to worship each of their pussy's at least one hour
each week. If he does a good job and pleases them and
begs well enough, then they may allow him to
masturbate for their amusement. After each time he is
allowed to come, he must eat his own come. MISTRESS
FRANCENE told him that she would like to see him put
his legs vertically up the wall, while he lays on his
back, and jack off into his own mouth.

MISTRESS PATTY told him that they were going to take
him shopping after lunch and he was going to buy
himself some panties with their help and direction.
They talked with each other about how to most
embarrass him while doing this, should he try them on
or should he ask the sales clerk for help and tell her
that they are for him, they laughed when they saw his
beet red face.

Once they had panties his size, they would each keep a
few pairs. When the mood struck them, they would use
the panties to clean themselves after having sex and
he would have to stop in that morning and pick up the
damp panties and wear them all day. They enjoyed the
idea of knowing that he was wearing panties all day
and that they were used, scented and soiled by them.
Thinking of his frustration and embarrassment in using
a men's room with panties on tickled them to death.

MISTRESS FRANCENE also thought that HER new slave
could be used to mouth wash her used and dirty panties
on a weekly basis. Thinking of him sitting at his
desk sucking HER soiled panties clean almost made her
come in the restaurant. It was obvious that their
minds were working fast and that his duties were going
to continue to multiply with their active

MISTRESS PATTY spoke again about more of his duties.
When the mood struck them, they might take him into a
field or on a deserted road and have sex with him
there. They liked the idea of having him eat their
pussy afterwards, so he could enjoy the taste of his
cum mixed with theirs. They thrilled at discussing
various public places to have sex with him or where
they could make him masturbate.

They had obviously thought about many uses for their
slave. They would invite their friends for lunch and
have him serve them wearing a french maids outfit.
After lunch they could offer his services to their
friends. MISTRESS FRANCENE asked him if he would suck
her and her boyfriend clean after they had sex. he
only looked down and subservient, he did not know how
to answer. he knew that his life had changed and that
he belonged to them now and he was destined to do
anything they asked.

After lunch, with his head bowed, they took him to the
Middletown Mall, to lessen his being discovered, to
shop for his new frilly panties. They took him into
the McAlpin's store and had him ask the sales lady for
help while they stood close enough to hear and see his
total and complete humiliation. he asked the lady to
help him find some panties that would fit a 42 inch
waist. The lady looked at him strangely and then saw
knew what was going on.

The sales lady joined in the fun and held up various
pairs to see how big they would stretch and then eyed
his waist and said that she thought they would fit
him. The slave felt a light sweat now coating his
flushed, embarrassed and humiliated body. With his
head down he thanked her and bough six pairs in an
assortment of colors.

he left the department and his new owners caught up
with him. MISTRESS FRANCENE took out a red pair of
panties and put them in his pocket. She then stopped
in the men's department and told him to try on a pair
of pants and while in the fitting room to put on his
new red panties. he was mortified, the doors do not
go to the floor and it was obvious to any one looking
that he was putting on red panties. he sheepishly

Next they took him to the Lane Bryant store and
MISTRESS PATTY picked out a white tunic type dress in
a size which appeared large enough for him. They then
ordered him into the changing room to try it on. The
changing room was on the side wall in the middle of
the store and could be seen by all of the shoppers.
he obediently went in and took off his clothes and
tried it on.

They stood near the door and told him to open the door
so they could see the fit. he opened the door a
little and peeked out to let them look in, however,
MISTRESS FRANCENE opened the door wide and told him to
step out into the light so they could see the dress.
his red panties showed through the white dress and he
could see and hear the laughs and giggles from the
other shoppers. he was allowed to put his clothes
back on and they left the store after he purchased the
dress and matching panties and bra.

he was told that he would have to wear the dress and
panties and bra the next time they went out for lunch
and that next time they would also shop for some high
heels for him, to match his new dress. he was
humiliated, embarrassed and he was THEIRS, body, mind
and soul and he knew he loved it.

©2004 The Leather Realm