By: Mistress Patty

Being always one that is curious I decided to experiment. Like a mad scientist I tell you to come to Me that I want to explore something messy. Never being the one to disappoint Me, you arrive at My door an hour later. Once you enter, I tell you to undress then follow Me to the large plastic tarp in the middle of the floor. Without hesitation you do so.

As I felt My oven door throbbing from being so full, I tell you to lay down upon the tarp. Positioning yourself in the middle of the tarp, I begin to remove My panties. Once My panties are off, I step over your pale body and raise My skirt up past My hips then squat over you. As you see My oven door open, your cock becomes instantly flaccid. With a slight push long, creamy logs empties out onto your frame.

"Cover yourself with My brown", I giggle as I step over you to watch. As you cover your frame with My brown, I reach over onto the mantle for My plastic wrap. "Stand toilet and raise your left arm", I tell you. Again doing so without question you stand. As you raise your arm, I begin to unroll the plastic wrap around your middle. "Now lower your arm and slowly turn", I say as you slowly begin to turn. Slowly the wrap begins to encase your upper body till a thick layer forms over My brown. As I begin to encase the rest of your body, once I get past your thighs I tell you to lay down once again on the tarp. Slowly you lower yourself down till you are flat on your back. "Raise your legs slightly toilet", I order as I finish wrapping you snuggly.

"Ahh what I beautiful sight and what a great experiment thus far", I declare as I begin cutting slits into the wrap. Once finished I go back down around your hard cock which is straining against the thick layer and begin cutting a nice size outlet around it. "Mmmmm there is something missing", I giggle as I once again squat over you. With a whoosh I release My golden flow into the hole cut away in the plastic where your cock is protruding. Instant steam clouds the inside of the wrap as My warm golden saturates your tightly wrapped body.  The finishing touch is My leather hood with attachable gag which I place on your head and finally the gag inside your mouth.

Quite pleased with the experiment thus far I announce, "the experiment will now begin." As the words leave My lips I walk into the other room to leave you to marinate in My brown and golden.

When completely helpless within any form of extreme bondage such as mummification, there is no real sense of time. Minutes may feel as hours and hours as days but yet one so helpless never truly knows until they are released.

During your time within My precious encasement, I am in the next room writing the beginning of My findings during My messy experiment. After awhile I look up to find that two hours has passed and begin to finish up the first few paragraphs of this story.

As I had left you, you are motionless as though My precious marinade had completely absorbed into your flesh. Grabbing My bandage scissors I begin to cut down your frame to release you from My encasement. Smelling quite ripe of Me, I begin to rip the layer of plastic from your flesh which almost seems to have fused with it. Breathing heavy your chest sinks deep as your flesh feels the cool air surrounding you as the plastic is removed.

"Go to My shower and clean yourself," I tell you then return to the next room to finish My story.

As I now hear the water hitting against your body removing bits and pieces of Me, I am pleased to say this experiment was quite successful. What a lovely way to marinate.