Morning Delight

By: MsPatty

Today IM going to tell you how I started my morning off.

I began my morning by laying in bed and feeling extremely excitable. My mind drifted off to having my little anal slut nude kneeling before me.
With ass in the air and forehead to the floor he was in the position to begin our time together. Now our time would begin.

Inspection began. Which is done each and every time I see my little one. My sluts must be shaved smooth. I slide my hands along his cock and
balls to check this. Spreading his ass to slide a lubed finger in to see if his nasty ass is clean for my cock to fuck him. Inspection is soon over
finding everything completed.

Once finshed I place my blindfold over his eyes. The collar is placed around his neck and locked. On each limb a leather restraint is placed. This
ensures that they will be locked placed on them to hold him into anything I wish to place him in.

Now he is ready to serve me. To entertain me for now. I then order him to stand in place. He is unable to see but he does so imediately. I stand
infront of him and tell him Im leaving now. He is told he will stand in place. I then leave.

After about an hour I return. I had left to go into the other part of the house to get dressed so I could enjoy him. I quietly open the door and enter
without alerting him to my presence. He is standing in place just as he was left.

Without a word I quietly step behind him. Suddenly I push him over onto all fours. I grab his hair and force his face to the ground. Grabbing a fist
full of hair I raise his head and force my cock into his mouth... Sliding it deeper into his throat. The fist full of hair guiding the strokes. After a few
minutes I stop. Forcing his face back to the floor I slide quickly around him to his cherry ass. Sliding my cock hard and deep into his ass. While
my cock deep grabbing his hair I slide deeper. Banging his ass, spreading it wide with my long, thick cock. Hearing his mouns and grunting. My
pussy getting so wet its dripping unto the floor. Soon my pussy is throbbing so much its going to be needed cleaned soon.

Once Im finished fucking this now loose ass, I roll him over onto his back. His hard cock standing to attention. I begin to laugh.

I say " Ahh what a waste of a cock on such a dirty little slut."

I then slide over his face and order him to clean my pussy good. He begins. As I ride his mouth I begin to get vocal. Purrs of delight begin to
excape my lips. Soon a steady flow of juices pour out of me. Drenching his face and mouth.

I find myself laying in a huge puddle of juices. Mmmmm I love thinking about some of my times with my slaves.

©2004 The Leather Realm