By: Mistress Patty

Cabin fever is never fun and especially here in Ohio. Either it's too hot or too cold. Awhile back I decided on the spur of the moment Im was going to take up an offer from a single little toilet that I had for several meetings and trust that lived up north in Michigan. I began to pack and called up My girl friend and told her I wanted to get out of the house for the night. We are going to Michigan so get a weekend bag packed and come over. After I hung up, I called the Michigan toilet and told him I was going to use him tonight and to get ready for Me. I estimated roughly 5 hours of drive time.

Our drive was long but I was looking so forward to using My Michigan toilet. I packed a small toy bag since I may get bored. Finally around 5pm we reached his house.  Once there we sat in his living room for a little while to relax and rest up after such a long drive. My girl friend really didn't know My toilets purpose but soon she was introduced to My toilet.

Sitting smiling I told him to show Me the potty he had made for Me.  toilet was quick to open an extra bedroom door to show Me the contraption he had worked hard on. A toilet seat on top of a box that on each side was weighted down plus chains so there he would be completely helpless. I giggled with glee as I told him to remove his clothing. I told angel My girl friend she would sit and watch as he undressed. Once undressed I reached him an adult sized diaper. Suddenly his eyes began questioning Me. Smiling, I told him he is going to wear that diaper for all his messes all night till the next afternoon when I released him. Quietly he replied "Yes Ma'am" as he put the adult diaper on.

Once the diaper was on I told him to lay down on the tarp on the floor in front of My potty. Then I began locking his restraints into place to keep him helpless till I released him. Happily I raised the lid on My potty and smiled down at him and said "angel and I are both using My potty boy tonight". Once the words left My lips I closed the lid and joined angel in the computer room to get her set up on his computer.

As she answered her email, I told her instead of using the bathroom on that cold porcelain toilet use the warm one in the bedroom. She laughed and said she'd love to. Of course loud enough for potty boy to hear. We both laughed as we looked in at him chained down. All of a sudden I told angel that I'll be christening potty boy tonight and walked into the bedroom. As I lifted the lid I told potty boy he had better be a good toilet and drank all I had to give him. potty boy's drain opened wide. Sitting down, I released with a steady flow of golden whisping down his drain. I spread My legs wide and said "use that tongue as toilet paper and clean Me". Quickly potty boy cleans then blows My now juicy twat dry. 

As the hours passed to entertain ourselves angel and I began to use potty boy as though we was playing a game to see who could use him the most. Potty boy not missing a drop. Finally I lifted the lid and sat down and could feel My ass opening up, slowly pushing My brown and feeling potty boy's lips slowly flushing each piece down past his lips. Once I squeezed out the last log, I spread My legs wide and told him to lick My ass clean. Finished I stood up and walked back into the living room.

Late in the wee hours angel and I retired to the other bedroom and slept. Throughout the night we continued to use him. The next morning angel tells Me she needs to shit but is afraid to use potty boy. I laughed and told her to use him just like any toilet. As she sat upon the potty boy's seat she giggles from the feeling of his lips getting close as he swallows each log as well as the warm breath coming from him. Potty boy's tongue is used as toilet paper and she stands. Smiling she proclaims she had never had that much fun taking a shit before.

By noon we had showered and dressed, getting ready to leave but ahh yes the potty boy. I walked into the bedroom to see his bulging diaper, waterlogged from his messes all night. Giggling I beg to remove the restraints from his wrists and neck. Then removing his head from the potty box. Looking quite tired, used, messy and totally wonderful I told him to go to the bathroom and get into the tub and wait. A few minutes pass and I walk into the bathroom and tell potty boy to ripe the sides off the diaper so that I can see how messy he is. To match his dried on shit covered face was his entire groin area and ass covered in shit and piss from wearing the diaper.  At this point all I could do was laugh and told him how pleased I was with his toilet service since we arrived and sat on the edge of the tub. Each movement caused more of a mess and seeing this I wanted more. So I told potty boy to begin rubbing that useless piece of flesh between his legs and to use the shit and piss as lube. Doing so potty boy creating more of a mess began to beg to cum which I allowed but with a catch. Slowly I said " once you cum in your hand you will clean your shit, piss and cum covered hand with your tongue completely". Laughing as he licked and sucked his fingers clean, I told him once he is finished he may take a shower and that I will see him another time.

As angel and I left all I could do was smile remembering the sights, smells and use of My potty boy.

©2004-2008 The Leather Realm