By Mistress Patty

"Well what a naughty little girl" I thought as I sat at My desk in the front of the class. Through out the day as I taught class I would look from My desk and see you showing your little white panties from not crossing your legs. Each and every time I would look up, I would see a shy little smile. "What a tease" I thought to Myself. Seeing that little patch of white playing peek a boo from between your legs, your skirt slightly above your knees taunting Me all day. Finally the dismissal bell rang ending the school day. I call you up to My desk as the other girls leave. "Your staying behind today", you reply "yes Ma'am".

As you stand there nervously I tell you to walk to the front of My desk. "Now bend over", at once you bend over the desk shaking. As you bend over My desk I begin to run My hands slowly from your calf up under your skirt. As My hands explore, My voice rings in your ears. " What a little slutty tease you are....all day long showing your little white panties from under your desk". As I reach your little white panties, running My hands over your tender bottom I tell you to spread your legs. My finger traces each and every little line on your lily white bottom through your form fitting cotton panties. I raise your skirt up over you and slide My left hand slowly over your bottom feeling every dimple as I lower them just past your thighs. As each moment passes My own panties are getting damper.

Once your bottom is totally exposed I tell you that for being such a slut today you are going to be punished. "All bad girls get punished" I whisper into your ear. My right hand begins to push your head towards the desk as My left reaches for the wooden paddle. you feel the coolness from the wood brush against your bottom moments before I begin. Whack, whack, whack, your flesh begins to warm up turning a sweet shade of pink. More whacks follow as I scold you for being such a tease today. Suddenly I put down My paddle and tell you to stay in position till I return. "Do not dare raise your head, slut".

I walk back into the room, you hear the door lock and I come up behind you. you can feel My exploring hands run over your flaming flesh from the spanking. My fingers begin to slide between your legs slowly, exploring more. your body reacts causing a build up of moans to begin pouring out of your body. "Ahh I see, your are quite a the slut aren't you" as I continue rubbing your clit. "Someone is wet" I giggle. The flood of sensations continues from My attention till you feel My hands stopping their exploration and spreading your legs apart further. By now My skirt is raised, exposing My strap-on. Slowly I guide the head of My cock into your wet void, filling it. A gasp escapes your throat as I slide into your further. Once I am totally inside you, filling you, I being to thrust deep inside you. Sliding slowly at first then harder and deeper causing you to moan louder. As My body pushes harder into you, I force your upper body completely to the desk. Left helpless, all you can do is react to My violation of your body.

As quickly as My cock appeared, I slide out from inside you grabbing your waist and pushing you to your knees. "Suck your juices from Me slut". Grabbing your hair I begin to rape your mouth with My cock. Gagging from the deep thrusts, you suck as fast as you can. "That's right bitch, suck it all till its completely clean" I scream as I begin spitting onto your face. "That's right whore, that is all you are....a whore". Grasping your hair, I pull your head off My cock and push you to the floor. Quickly I remove My strap-on and slide over your face. "Open that cock sucking mouth of yours bitch" I say as I begin to piss into your mouth. "Don't miss a drop and lick Me clean" you collect all I have within Me and do as instructed.

Once finished I ride your mouth and tell you that from now on you are My bitch and this is going to be our secret. "Who is ever going to believe a little whore like you?" as I stand to straight My skirt. Looking down at you I tell you to stand up and look presentable then you are dismissed. Head lowered you reply "yes Ma'am", then begin to straighten yourself up and leave.

As the door closes you turn around and smile....My simple words as you leave My classroom are...see you tomorrow.

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