What's NEW 2018

12-31-2018: As 2018 fades and 2019 approaches, I smile thinking back at all the pleasure I've had over the last year. With a twinkle in My eye, I look ahead at 2019 and wonder with excitement what it will bring. Pleasure? Joy? Lots of Orgasms? One never knows but I look forward to the adventure.

Sending out a big thank you to sub s for the paint gun set from My Amazon wish list. I can't wait to go hunting. <wicked giggle>

Also, thank you goes out to sub jason for the steel ball stretcher. Can't wait to try it out.

After tomorrow, My What's New Blog will be a bit different so check in after tomorrow to see the changes.

Everyone, have a Safe & Wonderful New Years!!!!!

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12-25-2018: As promised, more eye candy on the Castration/Medical Video Gallery.


12-23-2018: So much pleasure, so little time especially with the holidays in full swing. And yes with all the pleasure I experienced this past week, I do have some eye candy to share and will be posting a bit more by Christmas. Keep an eye out.

With Christmas in less than 2 days away and 2019 just around the corner means LeatherRealm's annual update begins soon. This year's update involves making the site much more mobile/tablet friendly so expect to see some changes soon after Tuesday. If you do happen to come upon an update in the process, just return later and make sure to refresh the page to load the latest content. Don't worry desktop users, LeatherRealm will always be friendly to you.

For those procrastinators, My wish list is still posted below and Amazon eGift Cards may be sent to webmaster@leatherrealm.com. A great way to show your appreciation for all that I do and of course for being My wonderful self. <wicked grin>

Keeping sissy slut mary's ass smackable with a good ol' spanking.  Loved the stress relief. <wicked grin>

Sliding My inflatable cock deep into sissy slut c's cunt, expanding it till he squeals and forcing his balls far apart. LOL


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12-16-2018: This past week, I've had so much pleasure but I want MORE. I yearn for more exquisite experiences from amusing Myself with a select few of you that will suffer at My hands. Only the worthy will bring Me the pleasure I crave. The pleasure I expect.

Yes! I am in such a mood that I even have eye candy to share so take a look around and you may take a peek at what I did this past week.

With a bar of soap in My puppet's mouth, he will remember to keep his word. <wicked grin>


Helpless in rope and plastic, so many possibilities as I burn sissy roxy's sensitive nips. LOL


It's amazing what marks a light whipping leaves. Mmm lovely. <wicked giggles>

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12-09-2018: As you can tell by My eye candy, I've smacked alot of ass and tortured a couple of sets of balls this past week. Oh yeah, I had a great week.

Sending out a huge Thank you to sub jason for My gifts of electro accessories.

Exposed & electrified till he squeals....LOL

Butt bustin' for sissy slut mary, such a dirty wannabe cock sucker. <wicked grin>

Almost a perfect heart....creative spanking. LOL

Perfect time for a selfie....My fist planted straight up sub ed's ass. <wicked giggles>

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12-02-2018: In this life, special connections are rare that involves not only fetishes we treasure but the dull everyday lives that we lead. I had that special connection with My diaper slave t. Much of the eye candy featured the last couple of years was of us exploring the fetishes we shared. Sadly, our journey has ended. My diaper slave t has passed away. Such a generous and kind soul that was not only My diaper slave but My friend. I miss him dearly.

Before I received the news of his passing, I did amuse Myself with a few of you including My new sissy cum bucket. And yes, I did take some eye candy of our first time together.

Such a sissy cock sucker, even when getting fucked. LOL



Sissy Tyler: Consensual Blackmail:


Pictures will be removed once terms are met.


12-07-2018 Terms Have Been Met.

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11-25-2018: With the holiday season officially beginning, I did manage to amuse Myself with a couple of you before leaving town for Thanksgiving. And yes, I even have a bit of eye candy from My time with spankee r.

See that huge bruise on the left? Just a reminder to stay off the diuretics or blood thinners 48 hours before meeting for a spanking. LOL

If you've already started shopping for your special someone, ExtremeRestraints.com is offering 30% off your entire purchase by using the promo code (BF2018) at check out. Expires 11-27-2018.

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11-18-2018: I have a huge grin on My face and have had one for most of this past week. I amused Myself with a few of you including sissy michelle, new to Me sissy slut joy and new to Me spankee dan as well as bottom y. YES! I had an excellent week, so wonderful in fact that I have eye candy to share below on My Castration/Medical Journal from My afternoon with sissy michelle who walked out My door with a temp set of tits. <wicked giggles>

Sending out a huge thank you to spankee dan for the lovely wooden jewelry box he purchased from My Amazon Wish List.

I hope everyone celebrating this Thursday has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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11-11-2018: Another busy week but boy did I have a blast. During My afternoon with sub p, I took lots of eye candy to share. Of course he wasn't the only one I enjoyed this week but was one of the most exciting.

I have decided to begin sharing a video serious called "Through My Eyes" which can be found below on the video link. In these videos, you will view whatever is going on from My viewpoint. I see so many beautiful things when I explore and now I am being generous enough to share those experiences. I have shared one this week but I plan to do them from time to time so keep an eye out.

It's that time of year again so I have updated and listed My Favorite Charities Donation Portal. If you have the means to donate, do so. If not but you have a little time to spare, go volunteer. Not only will you be helping someone in need but you will know that you are helping your own community.

For those asking what Mistress would like for Christmas, I have also updated and listed My Wish List.

Spankin' ass which always brings a smile to My lips. LOL

sub p strung up to the gallows awaiting My wrath. <wicked grin>

Helpless with balls in the steel humbler, crusher in place. Preparing sub p's ass for My fist. Mission accomplished so easily into his slutty ass. Mmmm


Showering sub p's ass with hot wax. Looks almost like a huge shot of cum, doesn't it? LOL


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11-05-2018: Busy days which is why this update is late but I've been pleasured so well that I am in a generous mood to share lots of eye candy. The entire update will be finished by tomorrow evening so keep checking back.

So exposed, so helpless as sub drippy's butt cheeks are spread wide. <wicked giggles>

So close that you can smell My juices...closest sub drippy will be getting. LOL

Those bits of flesh tied off, separated and isn't going anywhere.

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10-28-2018: Eye candy here, eye candy there...yes as you can tell, I had a great week. Such a great week that I have eye candy to share. Nothing puts a smile on My face quicker than pleasure.

Talking of candy, Halloween is just a couple of days away. As I always say every year, Halloween gives you the perfect opportunity to be whatever you wish to be so grab that chance and have fun. Life is short and if you don't grab it by the balls once in awhile, it will pass you by too quick.

What a way to get juicy, hanging 12 lbs on those huge balls of Fetishist w. Mmmmm

Amusing Myself while sub r was just hanging around. LOL

So exposed, pulling those bits till they almost snap off. <wicked giggles>


Stretching My balls between sub r's thighs using kali's teeth. LOL

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10-21-2018: What a crazy week but it ended with a bang. As you can see below, it ended with diaper t which yes I have eye candy to share below. I may even share some video if I am still feeling generous in the next day or two. So much unedited video to go thru.

Many of you have contacted Me over the last few months with questions about Consensual Blackmail after seeing the blackmail of sissy tyler. Since many of the questions are the same, I am going to address them here.

**What is Consensual Blackmail? Consensual Blackmail or Erotic Blackmail is an agreement which can involve a contract between a Dominant/Top and a submissive/bottom that private/sensitive information or false information will be exposed/shared if terms are not met. Private/Sensitive information including photos are given to the Dominant/Top which will be used if agreed upon terms are not met by the submissive/bottom.  Terms are agreed upon and can involve a financial aspect and/or activity that the submissive/bottom is forced to do. Financial and/or activity is never generalized so it's based on shared fetishes and financial situation.

**Is Consensual/Erotic Blackmail illegal? No, it's not illegal since it's consensual and the submissive/bottom has given prior permission when entering into the agreement.

**How long does the Consensual/Erotic Blackmail last? It can last indefinitely unless a specific time period has been agreed upon in the beginning. If the submissive/bottom wants out of the agreement, the Dominant/Top may offer a "buy out" of the agreement. This is typically based on the submissive/bottom's financial situation.

**Why would anyone risk their personal/sensitive information to be shared/exposed? Consensual/Erotic Blackmail is a fetish that involves a Dominant/Top having power and control over a submissive/bottom. The danger and risk brings pleasure to not only the submissive/bottom but to the Dominant/Top as well. Trust should be established first but isn't always the case since a contract (verbal or written) may be involved.

Ever wonder what long term confinement looks like? Here's one possibility. <wicked grin>


Into recycling? What a great way to reuse dry cleaning bags. LOL


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10-14-2018: Colder weather has finally snuck up upon Ohio, with it there has been a couple of issues but never to keep Me away from My pleasure. What brings Me pleasure, you may ask. Those that kneel at My feet bring Me pleasure by suffering in one way or another. (giggles)

Balls pressed and electrocuted, helpless within My restraints.  With a smile on My face, I listened to his squeals.

Second verse, same as the first, except this time fet w's ass is going to get fucked. LOL

One of My huge fat cocks violating sub ed's tight ass. My panties getting wetter in the process. Mmmm

Suffocating within a plastic bag and being fucked. Such an amusing sight as he gasped for air. <wicked grin>

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10-07-2018: Another busy week filled with amusing Myself and shopping for new toys to use. Of course I will be adding more to this update but I'm going to be generous by allowing you to see My eye candy from My afternoon with sub b which is below.

Arms & Legs spread wide leaving sub b helpless while in chastity, being teased. LOL

Making that pathetic piece of flesh between sub b's thighs look like a real man's cock after 2 days of Chastity. <wicked grin>


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09-30-2018: What a fantastic week this past one has been. So much pleasure. I not only enjoyed My diaper slave t over a 2 day period but I also enjoyed sissy slut michelle, sub ed and spankee jerry plus the new bottom y. Such a lovely feeling sliding into an almost virgin ass.

And with so much pleasure, I am feeling extremely generous so not only do I have photo eye candy to share but also video below.

Diaper t helpless within My new leather body bag. What a juicy sight. Mmmmm


My new steel shackles keeping diaper t in place. No way he can escape these.


Encased in layers of PVC, filled with enema while in chastity and diapered. Diaper t is going to be on his back for a very long time till I am completely satisfied.


Such a dirty cock sucker, sissy slut michelle being reminded who holds his strings. <wicked giggles>


Sissy Tyler: Consensual Blackmail:

10-05-2018: Pictures Removed. Terms Have Been Met.

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09-23-2018: With so much pleasure this past week, I am in a great mood thus I am going to be generous with My eye candy below as well as on My Castration/Medical link and the video galleries.

Since I am sharing so much eye candy, I will be finished updating within 24 hours.

Helplessness was the theme with sub drippy this week. (wicked giggles)

Spread wide and forced into position. MMMmm

With all My juices flowing including creativity, I enjoyed some Japanese Rope Bondage. (wicked grin)


Sissy slut jim's Day 888 Proof Picture:


09-16-2018: Even though this is a short update, I will be adding more in the next 48 hours so keep checking back to see what I've been up to. <wicked giggles>

*** 09/18 Update:

Today I enjoyed Fetishist w as you can see below. Of course I have alot more eye candy from today but I will share that on Sunday's update.

Stretching fet w's balls with his ass filled with an inflatable butt plug. Love a gaping ass...<wicked grin>


Spread wide and filled with wax to keep his ass full. Mmmmm


Sissy slut jim's Day 881 Proof Picture:


09-09-2018: Another long week with not enough time at the end so I'm posting a bit tonight and the rest within the next 24 hours so keep an eye out.

This past week, I received My new Leather Body Bag/Sack and I can't wait to use it. Can you say wrapped in leather, totally helpless and secure with no way out? LOL I'll post pictures when I do finally amuse Myself involving it. It will be much more impressive with nude flesh inside of it. <wicked giggles>

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09-02-2018: Since this is Labor Day weekend, I am only partially updating till Monday evening so keep an eye out. Those that have emailed since Friday, replies will begin being sent out on Monday evening.

For those here in the states celebrating Labor Day..... Have Fun and Stay Safe!!

Helplessly restrained, gagged, blindfolded while being anally violated as well as being teased and denied till it's all ruined. <wicked giggles> Oh Yes!

Sissy slut jim's Day 869 Proof Picture:

Sissy Tyler: Consensual Blackmail:

Pictures will be removed once terms are met.

**Updated 09-04 Terms Have Been Met.


08-26-2018: It's getting HOT here in Ohio again and I'm not talking just about the weather. <wicked grin>

No eye candy this update but I'm sure I'll feel more generous next update so keep an eye out.

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the states so since I have no special plans yet, meetings will be possible next weekend for those that has been asking.

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08-19-2018: As Summer is coming to a close, it just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish everything especially this past week.  Of course most of My free time was spent amusing Myself with a few of you including sub r as well as fetishist w. YES! I have eye candy to share since I am in such a mood. I even have videos which will be posted along with the rest of the update in the next 24 hours. 

***Updated: Videos Are Posted. 08-20

Yes...sub r helpless and restrained once again as I'm enjoying the new B-Lok.

Even though it's been months, fetishist w's ass gobbled up My fist. LOL

What a great new experience, filling fetishist w's gapping ass with hot wax. Thanks for the new Wax Warmer with Wax, fet w. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim's Day 855 Proof Picture:


08-12-2018: With ups and even downs this past week, it went by way too quickly. I amused Myself never the less which I even have eye candy to share below. Of course I have been window shopping for new toys which is a passion of Mine. Currently I am looking at Leather Body Bags/Sleep Sacks and Vacbeds. Can you tell that My mind has been filled with the restrained and helpless this week? LOL

With the ever growing number of people accessing the internet on their smartphones and tablets, it's time to make Leather Realm more mobile/tablet friendly. By the next yearly update which takes places in late December/early January, it will be just that. Those that continue to access the site with their laptops/desktops will notice very little change. Just think, not only will you be able to hear from your favorite Mistress but navigate your favorite eye candy much easier.

Stretched and exposed, just how I like My playthings. <giggles>

Restrained & helpless, smashing and electrifying those bits that males hold so dear. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim's Day 848 Proof Picture:


08-05-2018: So little time but so much pleasure to be had which is why this update is late and I am FINALLY posting the videos from last weekend of diaper t's LTC. YES! I have posted the videos below and there is eye candy from My evening with Fetishist sky. I have a strong feeling this week is going to be even more filled with pleasure to be had. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim's Day 841 Proof Picture:


07-29-2018: As you can tell by My eye candy, I've been enjoying Myself alot this past week. To end the week,  diaper t checked into LTC for the weekend. The best weekend I've had in a very long time. Yes! I even have some eye candy to share. 

Test driving My new electro CBT toy on My diaper slave t. It was stimulating to say the least. <wicked giggle>

The life of a helpless patient.....open wide, NOW!  <grin>


Take deep breaths as I control your breathing, My patient.


Smothered by hundreds of old cigarette butts inside a dry cleaning bag, attached with duct tape. Breathing treatment anyone? LOL

Some alone time in the cage always does a patient good, especially straining for air and restrained in police shackles . LOL

Sissy slut jim's Day 834 Proof Picture:

**Updated 08-01-2018

Sissy Tyler: Consensual Blackmail:

Terms met, pictures removed 08-03-2018


07-22-2018: Busy days but I love them especially when they are busting at the seams with amusing Myself. I'm feeling so bubbly that I even have eye candy to share below including videos which will be posted in the next 48 hours so keep an eye out. ***Videos has been posted. 07-23-2018

Sending out a huge Thank you to My toilet ay for his gift of devotion.

Also sending out a huge Thank you to  sub david for My new chaise that was on My Amazon Wish List. I love it.

And yes another one, sending out a huge Thank you to sub sam for My updated Acrylic Cock & Ball Crusher which is pictured below.

Is there anything better than a completely helpless male? Not in My realm. <wicked giggle>

Sissy slut jim's Day 827 Proof Picture:


07-15-2018: Even in this heat wave, I am having a BLAST enjoying a few of you including My slave diaper t, sub drippy, POS and slave dave. YES! I am even in a generous mood so I am sharing some eye candy below as well as on My Castration/Medical journal.

Sending out a huge thank you to slave diaper t for his gifts. I'm definitely going to enjoy them.

Finally, My new electro CBT toy arrived so I just had to snap a picture to share. Can't wait to try it.

So enjoy sliding My hard cock into sub drippy's tight ass while keeping him in chastity. <wicked giggle>


My day with My slave diaper t was all about layers. While in chastity, filled with an enema, wearing a diaper and plastic pants along with a PVC romper, sealed in a sleeping bag suit then finally topped with thick construction bags as well as duct tape for HOURS. So many layers during a heat wave here in Ohio, to say he was HOT is putting it mildly. On top of all those layers, suffocating him in various plastic bags plus more was AMAZING. LOL I loved it.


Forcing him to face himself while completely under My control including polluting his lungs, priceless. <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 820 Proof Picture:


07-08-2018: This past week other than amusing Myself with a few of you including My puppet, I have also been shopping/ordering a couple of new toys including the Folsom's Electro Ball Lock. Can't wait till it arrives. When it does, I will share a picture.

My puppet deserved a motivational caning just to make sure he stays on his program. I just love hearing the rattan cane slicing thru the air then into bare flesh. <wicked grin>


Recently I was contacted asking for advice concerning how to prepare to take a larger cock when the male bottom had been inactive for a long time. The male bottom added that he only had 2 weeks to prepare. I told him it was quite simple. Begin a regular routine of cleansing enemas, after making sure he is clean and free of water with plenty of lube to stretch/dilate his ass. Starting small then slowly allowing the body to comfortably adjust to the next size till reaching the desired size over the next 2 weeks.

Sissy slut jim's Day 813 Proof Picture:


07-01-2018: First off, Wednesday here in the United States is our Independence Day. Everyone celebrating have a safe and Happy 4th.

Here in Columbus we have Red, White and Boom on Tuesday July 3rd so I will not be accepting meetings after 4pm that day and will not be accepting meetings on Wednesday July 4th. I will be celebrating with family. Without a doubt, I will be craving to amuse Myself soon after.

As you can see, I amused Myself with a few of you including sub r, toilet del and a couple of others. Yes! I even took a bit of eye candy to share.

Just had to take a picture with sub r over My lap during his spanking. Now this is My kind of selfie. <wicked giggle>

How was sub r hanging? Pretty well after applying clamps to his nipples and 8 pounds to his balls. LOL



06-25-2018: Busy days which I love especially when I am enjoying Myself with tender bare flesh. And YES! I am sharing some of My stimulating eye candy below on the video link as well as on My Medical/Castration journal.

The latest addition to My Rubber collection. I can't wait to try out My new Rebreather Set up.

Sissy slut jim's Day 799 Proof Picture:


06-17-2018: Such a lovely day to end such a long week. Earlier today, I amused Myself with slave r which of course I took eye candy as well as amused Myself with a few others this past week including My puppet and sissy maid t. To say the least, I had one hell of a great week and I am feeling generous so I am sharing eye candy below as well as on My Castration/Medical journal.

Sending out a HUGE Thank you to slave r for his gifts today. So sweet.

Experimenting on My puppet with the new electrified nut crusher.  Oh YES, keeping him on his toes. <wicked giggles>

Sissy slut jim's Day 792 Proof Picture:


06-10-2018: So much pleasure that I am in such a lovely mood that I have lots of eye candy to share below as well as on My Castration/Med journal below.  Yes! Fetishist w returned plus I enjoy a few more of you. This week should prove to be another great week.

Sending out a Thank you to Fetishist w for the Wax Warmer that arrived today. Will definitely be using it next time.

Spreading Fetishist w's ass cheeks wide so I could really leave him gapping. <wicked giggles>

Sissy slut jim's Day 785 Proof Picture:


06-03-2018: This past week was like a roller coaster ride but I did manage to amuse Myself and I even decided to take some eye candy of My time with sub r, experimenting with My new Electrified Ball Crusher. Thank you again, sub jason. Absolutely love it.


Sissy slut jim's Day 778 Proof Picture:


05-27-2018: Since this is Memorial Day weekend here in the states, this will be an extremely short update. Next update will be back to normal.

Have a Safe Memorial Day.

Sissy slut jim's Day 771 Proof Picture:


05-20-2018: Another busy week but I did manage to enjoy My puppet plus a few more of you, even a couple of Skype/Phone sessions. And Yes! I am in such a lovely mood that I have a tiny bit of eye candy to share below.

If you couldn't tell by now, I'd prefer to be "busy" with amusing Myself rather than busy with other ordinary things. <wicked grin>

For those considering making first contact for a possible meeting, be prepared for additional questions when I reply. I always ask a lot of questions during the screening process so remember that when sending your contact form.

My puppet in transport shackles and being held in place by the leather head immobilizer connected to the gallows above, helpless. <wicked giggles>

Such lovely stripes from a rattan cane. I get wet listening to his cries. LOL

Sissy slut jim's Day 764 Proof Picture:


05-13-2018: This past week was pretty crazy but everything is slowing down which is always a good thing when it comes to family and everyday stuff. I did find time to enjoy a few of you and I even chose to take some eye candy to share. Aren't you lucking. LOL

Keeping drippy sub helpless while torturing that drippy little cock between his thighs. Such a messy cunt.


Helpless and exposed, just how I like drippy sub. Next time I am going to totally violate that fuck hole that is so exposed.


Sissy slut jim's Day 757 Proof Picture:


05-06-2018: Such a delightfully busy week it was and this week should be no different. Yes! I even have eye candy to share below as well as on the video link.

My life is without a doubt, truly blessed.

I want to send out a HUGE Thank you to sub jason for My new Electrified Ball Crusher. I cant wait to try it out.

My latest additions to My electro collection including the Ball Crusher, Anal Grenades and anal plugs.

Enjoying Myself with slut emily's new tits and empty ball sack. (giggles)

Keeping sub r humbled in his place with My Steel Humbler with Ball Stretcher/Crusher attachment. <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 750 Proof Picture:


04-29-2018: I can not begin to tell you how utterly wonderful this past week was. Oh Yes! Can you say pleasure overload?

As you can see by My eye candy which I am so generously sharing with you, I had an absolute wonderful day with diaper t that kept My juices flowing and him breathless.

I also amused Myself this past week with a few of you including infusing 2000 cc's of saline into sub jason's scrotum.

Yes! I have eye candy to share below on the links and in the next 48 hours, I will be posting videos so keep checking back.

Keeping diaper t breathless, diapered and in plastic...what an excellent diaper slave I have. <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 743 Proof Picture:

*Update 05-01-2018: Videos Are Posted.


04-22-2018: As you may be able to tell from My eye candy below as well as on My Castration/Medical Journal and both Video Galleries that I amused Myself with a few of you.

Yes! I am definitely in a great mood and who wouldn't be from enjoying such pleasure? <wicked giggle>


Sissy slut jim's Day 736 Proof Picture:


04-15-2018: Can you guess by looking at the eye candy below as well as on the video link what the theme of this past week's meetings was? If you guessed Humiliation & Helplessness then you are correct. What's your prize? Enjoying the eye candy of course!

Enjoying sub drippy's worthless bit of flesh between his thighs. <wicked grin>


Reminding slut emily what a slut she really is....

Sissy slut jim's Day 729 Proof Picture:


04-08-2018: I'm bursting with anticipation, will definitely be amusing Myself with a few of you and I can't wait. I am so in the mood to slide one of My long hard cocks deep into a tight hole plus a whole lot more. LOL

Last week, I amused Myself with a couple of you including sub r. Oh yes! I used My new steel humbler with him which you can see below within My eye candy. Just wait till I get a hold of him again which will be very soon.

The steel humbler definitely kept sub r in his place. <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 722 Proof Picture:


04-01-2018: Since I am going out of town later today for Easter with family, this update will be extremely short.

For those that celebrate Easter, have a Safe and Happy Easter.

Sissy slut jim's Day 715 Proof Picture:


03-25-2018: Even with the latest storm resulting in missed connections and cold weather, I was able to amuse Myself. Hopefully the weather will give us a break so I will have the mass amounts of pleasure that I yearn for.

Is there anything more simple but effective than a humbler? Perhaps that's why I own several. <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 708 Proof Picture:


03-18-2018: This morning as I was amusing Myself with Fetishist w, I watched as the first rays of sunshine of the day cast themselves on his restrained bare flesh. In those moments, I was reminded how fortunate I am to live a life that is filled with so much pleasure and new experiences. I am truly blessed.

And yes, I even have eye candy to share from My time with Fetishist w and My toilet ay on the links below. Videos are posted on the Video links here as well as on My Castration/Medical Journal.


Sissy slut jim's Day 701 Proof Picture:


03-11-2018: As you can see from My eye candy below as well as on My Video Gallery and the Castration/Medical Journal, I amused Myself for an evening with My slave diaper t plus a few others. 

I just love keeping him in diapers and plastic as well as keeping him breathless so I just had to share some eye candy from such a stimulating evening. <wicked giggle>


If you have sent your contact form in the last couple of weeks and you have had no response from Me, resend. For whatever reason, I have not been receiving all of them.

Sissy slut jim's Day 694 Proof Picture:


03-04-2018: I want to thank all of you that send Me Birthday wishes this past week. So lovely to hear from so many of you on My special day. I am feeling so wonderful that I have eye candy to share on My Castration/Medical journal below.

Sending a huge thank you to My toilet ay for his birthday gift. Definitely enjoying it.

I also want to send a huge thank you to sub david for his birthday gift.

Sissy slut jim's Day 687 Proof Picture:


02-25-2018: I had such a great week that involved amusing Myself with a few of you including diaper t. And Yes! I am feeling so generous that I have lots of eye candy to share, video and pictures.

I just love My new straightjacket which I quickly put diaper t into then put him into My Cage for a couple of hours.


   Mmm breath play with heavy bondage. Gets My panties wet every time.


Even after 7 hours, I just had to have a bit more so I put diaper t into a Princes Pink diaper to send him on his way.

For those asking about My birthday this week, you may look at My updated Wish List to send gifts.

Amazon eGift Cards may be sent to webmaster@leatherrealm.com.

Sissy slut jim's Day 680 Proof Picture:


02-18-2018: With warmer weather, I amused Myself with sissy michelle as well as new sub drippy d. Can you guess why his name is drippy? LOL Yes, I'm sure you can. What a useless mess.

Looking for eye candy? Of course you are, I am feeling a bit generous so you will find eye candy of My balls between sissy michelle's thighs below as well as on My Castration/Medical Journal link.

 I may even share some video sometime this week of how I treated My bits as well as the great tits I gave her so keep an eye out.

Sissy slut jim's Day 673 Proof Picture:


02-11-2018: Is anyone else on edge? Perhaps frustrated? With the snow this past week and the weather being generally dreary, My appetite for pleasure has increased by ten fold.

Even though I didn't take any eye candy this past week, I have eye candy that wasn't shared till now.


Sissy slut jim's Day 666 Proof Picture:


02-04-2018: Even though this past week had it's ups and downs, I did enjoy a couple of you. Of course My pleasure comes first so no eye candy this update but keep an eye out.

Sissy slut jim's Day 659 Proof Picture:


01-28-2018: So much pleasure, so much amusement...such a lovely week. As you can see from My eye candy below, I enjoyed a few of you including sub r.

Stretching My balls between sub r's thighs... <evil giggle>



Another new toy that arrived the other day is the Steel Locking Humbler with Ball Stretcher. Can't wait to try it out.

Sissy slut jim's Day 652 Proof Picture:


01-21-2018: As the snow is melting from recent warmer weather, I have been amusing Myself and being extremely satisfied by those I have allowed to come to Me. So pleasured in fact that I am feeling so generous that I have eye candy to share below as well as on My Castration/Medical journal. Keep an eye out over the next day or two, I will be adding videos from My experiences with Fetishist w as well as My diaper t.

Using Fetishist w as a hand puppet. LOL


 Keeping diaper t breathless.... <wicked grin>


Sissy slut jim's Day 645 Proof Picture:


01-14-2018: Even with 6 inches of snow and ice before that, I amused Myself with a few of you. And I even have eye candy to share below as well as on My video link.

The annual update continues but should be completed by the end of the week.

My puppet just hanging around for My pleasure. LOL

So helpless and exposed, I definitely enjoyed milking Fetishist josh's prostate. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim's Day 638 Proof Picture:


01-07-2018: With the New Year comes Leather Realm's annual update. During this week, you may come across My "dust" so if you do just return a little later then refresh the page.

While I am updating, I have more eye candy to share on the Video Link as well as on My Castration/Medical Fetish Link below. Remember to continue to enjoy the eye candy from previous years, simply click the What's New 2017/2016 links below.

Sending out a huge Thank you to My toilet ay for his gift certificate from Amazon. 

Can you see the paleness from the lack of blood supply while the cock & balls are being pressed? So lovely. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim's Day 631 Proof Picture:

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