By Mistress Patty

As you, My slave walk into My realm you know your place within it. The door shuts behind you and locks, leaving behind the emptiness you have felt so long within your everyday existence. you are ordered to your knees, head to the floor where My feet are. As though a gentle whisper the words from My lips flow " you will suffer today My precious". This is followed by orders to get nude, then back into position. Once nude, helpless and kneeling, physical reactions begin to appear. With anticipation you begin to tremble. I stand above you smiling knowing what is in store for you pain slut.

As I peered down upon a lump of clay I begin encircling you, flicking ashes from My long cigarette down upon your bare flesh. Giggles from deep within begin to escape My lips as taunts, filthy names and curse words fills the voids. Silence once again fills the room as I walk towards the bench. "Today cunt you are going to suffer greatly for Me" I proclaimed as I prepare the leather restraints to affix to each side of the spanking bench. As I stand at side of the spanking bench I look over towards where you are still kneeling. With the most wicked grin I say "get onto the bench in position Now." Quickly yet quietly you comply.

Working from the right side of the bench to the left I begin taking each of your limbs, restraining them with My leather restraints. My voice is soft yet very bold as I begin telling you what I have in store for you today. Once fully restrained to the bench your ass is totally exposed. Pale flesh begging to become colored. Without warm up I began with wooden paddles of various sizes. Leaving delightful red and purple marks. Longer and harder the swats continue to come. Next I reach for the leather strop. Such lovely welts this will cause. I begin to swing, as the strop hits your flesh it leaves welt after welt. Once I am finished I undo the restraints and lead you over to the bed leaving the leather restraints on. I order you to lay on your back on the bed. Where I attach each of your limbs to each corner of the bed that the gallows form the frame of the bed.

I curl up beside you. My breast bulging from beneath My very low cut blouse pressing against your side. My nipples digging into your skin I whisper  "What big hard nipples you have slut" as I begin pinching and biting them.  Purrs and moans begin pouring from within Me. Slowly I pull a leather hood from behind Me. "So close to being totally helpless slut with this hood you will not see nor be heard." My words tickle your ear. Prior to sliding the hood over your head I insert ears plugs. Slowly the left one then just before putting the right plug into your ear I whisper "Mmm much better".  Once the right plug is inserted into your ear I slide the leather hood over your head. The mouth piece firmly inside your mouth. The laces are tightened.

Darkness surrounds you, no sound to be heard nor will escape from your lips....slut you are Mine.

Continuing to pinch and bite your nipples, I pull close My table. I glance over the various tools, needles and so forth. Smiling, I pick up a couple of 16 gauge needles. The first needle I take in My left hand, in the right a pair of open end clamps to use to grab up your thick hard nipple. Suddenly you feel cold steel grasping tight your nipple then slowly the sting from the needle passing thru your left nipple. Slowly I slide in the captive ball ring behind the needle till it exits your flesh. The clamp is now moved over to your right nipple as it gets the same treatment as the last. "Mmmmm how sexy. These will be perfect for later" I proclaim as I tug roughly at each ring as I attached 6oz's of weight on each nipple ring.

Such a sight to behold as you are restrained, hooded and pierced. I feel My panties getting wet. My fingers slowly going down your frame till I abruptly stop. I begin to play with your shriveled up cock. No response, I giggle as I slide the foreskin over the head. Ahh this won't do I thought to Myself. I slip on My latex gloves and begin cleaning the area. Suddenly I grasp the foreskin with a set of clamps. Slowly inserting the needle thru one layer to the next and continuing till 6 sets of stitches has completely sutured your foreskin over the head. I quickly finish the square knot and clip the excess material. Ahh much better I thought. A nice thick clit. What every little bitch needs.

Once Im finished I release your legs only and attach them by the restraints to the chains on the gallows above you. I lube My finger and slowly slide it in and out of that cunt of yours. "What a dirty little slut you are" I said. This will not do at all. I stop, you feel nothing while I am gone. Once back I slowly slide the well lubed inflatable enema nozzle inside your cunt. I open the release clamp and begin filling you. Once filled I undo the restraints on your wrists and remove your hood, gag and ear plugs. By now cramping has began deep within you. "Im going to remove the plug and you will hold it till you reach the toilet" as I was removing the restraints from your ankles. Once finished you walk to the little girl's room and sit on the toilet. Within minutes I open the door and enter. Once you are finished I order you to the floor on your knees and head down. With the same inflatable enema nozzle lubed I insert again deep inside of your cunt. Filling you once again to completely clean you. Unable to release till I allow you to the cramping becomes intense. Mmmmm then I remove the nozzle and allow you to release once again. When finished I order you to wipe and return to the play room, get on your knees in the floor. 

When I return to the room I find you on your knees. I look down upon you and say "its close to bedtime and you will be sleeping in the floor like a good little slut. When you must use the toilet you will beg for permission. If you touch that pathetic thing between your legs I will cut your balls off." I order you to sleep as I set the alarm for 9am.

As the alarm rings I awake. I get up and push the button to turn the alarm off as I look down upon you once again. Within the next 2 hours you will clean up for the day, take your meds, eat some breakfast, and dress. Once you return from the little girl's room I will have clothing for you to put on. Prior to eating you dress in the clothing I have picked out for you. A bra, stockings, garter belt, heels and panties. Once dressed you may eat. By 11am we have finished the morning ritual and begin our afternoon.

What a slutty looking bitch I have, I thought to Myself as I watch you with the lingerie and heels on. Watching your nipples strain as the weight hanging on them pull them South. Walking you stumble being so high with the heels on. I smile and giggle as I order you to remove your panties, get onto the center of the bed with your ass in the air and your head to the bed.

Once on the bed in position I put the leather hood on again without the gag or plugs. Darkness surrounds you again but this time you can hear and speak when having permission. I pull your wrists back behind your knees then put once again the leather restraints on them as well as your ankles. I connect them to a spreader bar. Ahh I think to Myself I want more security so I grab My humbler and begin pulling your balls between your legs and put them inside the humbler. Now if you jerk up they will be pulled. Now you are once again helpless.  I slide you onto your side with a pillow elevating your head. With this I leave for awhile.

When I return I am not alone. you hear other voices in the room I remove the spreader bar and humbler but leaving on the restraints. I then lube My electric butt plug and insert it deep into your tight cunt.  I order you to flip over onto your back as I take each limb attaching them to the bed. I take your now sore sack into My hand and attach electrodes to each side of it and then on either side of your clit. Now I begin to play. Each sensation begin going thru out your body at once. Some more intense than others. Then all stopped as I prepared to remove 1 set of stitches from your clit. Once removed the sensations continue again thru out your body. Suddenly you feel your piss hole being fucked slowly by something lubed and long. Deeper and deeper the sensations enter your body. In the background you hear questions, giggles and amazement from My audience.  When I have finished feeding My craving to watch you moan, beg and wiggle everything stops. All sensations within your body become so numb but very exciting. Now I begin removing the electrodes and releasing each of your limbs from the sides of the bed and I remove the eye closure from the hood. Now you are able to see your surroundings. Slut you are now ordered to the floor on your knees.

As you are kneeling on the floor with your head pressed down near your knees you hear Me teasing the others within My room about what is going to happen next. you see My feet next to you then all of a sudden I grab the hood and force your head from the floor till you see a hard cock in front of you. I ask you in a bubbly voice " ready to suck cock for Me today?" your reply was Yes Mistress. I then tell you to beg for it which you do. I smile and tell you to open your mouth. Once that cock sucker is open I force your head down onto the hard cock. Pumping it of its nice creamy cum. Giggles and Awws fill the air as you continue to suck till I pull your head back. I look at My friend and say....Fuck My bitch's mouth. He does so till he begins to cum deep into your mouth. I tell you to swallow which you do. As you are kneeling now in the floor tasting cum I tell My friends I will see them later as they leave. you and I are alone once again.

I tell you to stand and walk over to the right hand side of the bed. Once there I take your wrists above your head and attach them to the chains hanging from one side of the gallows. I attach your wrists to it. I spread your legs and attach your ankle restraints to the bottom side of the gallows frame. I am facing you now. I begin playing with your nipples from under the bra. Mmm these needs to be longer. I slide your bra down and attached an additional 6 oz's on each of your nipple rings. Pulling harder towards the ground you moan. As I am playing with the heavier nipple rings tugging and pulling on them I comment to you.... Im taking your balls NOW bitch. Im not going to fuck a pathetic male in drag. I grasp your balls in My right hand and in the left is My banding tool. I tell you to watch as the band engulfs your balls then I release the band. Sharp pain from the blood being cut off to your balls begins. you beg, cry, whine and yell as it slowly is killing your balls. Turning them a deep red then purple. Taking away your ability to fuck another woman ever again. The pain continues it seems like a lifetime till I snip the band off. As the blood returns to the area more pain occurs. I smile as I jump up and remove the restraints from your wrists and ankles.

"Now get your panties on and get onto the bench bitch" I order and you follow to the letter. I slide My lubed finger into your loose cunt. Making sure you are clean. Then I slide My cock slowly into your cunt as I refer to you as My little fuck toy. Deeper and deeper My cock fucks you till at last I cum deep inside of you. Once I am finished I tell you to get onto the bed. I tell you to begin rubbing that clit I made....."beg for permission to cum slut" you hear from My lips. 

you begin to beg........

you may cum slut.

©2004-2008 The Leather Realm