Phone/Skype Training or Consultations:

Phone/Skype training is for those unable to serve Me in person. This is NOT for those looking for Kinky Phone or Cam Sex.

Phone/Skype Consultations are for those that would like to ask questions, discuss specific fetishes or to discuss a first time in-person meeting prior.

The tribute for Phone/Skype Training or a Consultation is $25 per 30 minutes.

  Tribute is due during scheduling.

 Paypal (Ask in Contact Form)

 Amazon E-Gift Certificate to

Phone/Skype Training/Phone Consultation availability:

Monday - Thursday 9 am - 10 pm & Friday & Saturday 9 am - 3 am

All Appointments Are Scheduled At Least 4 Hour In Advance. 

Use the Phone/Skype Contact Form below to arrange a session/consultation.

Phone Contact Form

If the Contact Form is not completed, you will be declined a Phone Session/Consultation with Me.  

If you do not get a reply within 4 hours after email is sent, resend. Yahoo does eat mail once in awhile.

 Remember this is based on My availability so there will be times that I am unable to schedule a phone session because of prior commitments.

* If using Skype, My user ID will be sent to you during scheduling. If phone, a number will be sent.

* All Toys Must Be Accessible Prior To Scheduled Session.

* Have all questions for Phone Consultations written down or memorized so you will not forget to ask them.

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