This is the area which holds emails from subs that have just visited Me and was used.  For some the most humiliating things happened within the session for others a new found understanding of themselves has occurred. Though some I have chosen to keep private...the following I will allow you to read.


What an amazing experience today.  To be clear, I got exactly what I asked for - my first bagging experience.  It started out as I hoped with her leather sleep sack laid out on her bondage bed (you should see this place.) Within two minutes of my arrival, she was putting me into the bag, which isn't as easy as you might think.  Medical mittens on my hands, arms tucked into the internal sleeves of the sack, she started to zip it up.  I'm 6'1. 215 so it was a bit of a tight fit on my belly but a taller person could also fit ok.  

Once I was zipped up, the straps started.  Apparently, they're a bit too long so she punched some new holes to secure me.  Once I was in, it wasn't long before I was headed to subspace because unless you're the incredible hulk, I doubt you can escape Ms Patty's bondage.

She was slow and deliberate to introduce me to bagging.  She said it had been too long and seemed excited to do it again.  Yes, it takes a lot of trust, but I met Ms Patty a few years ago and it took only minutes for me to gain her trust.  She cut the bottom off of a large zip-lock bag and duct-taped that end to my neck.  She then slowly closed the top (like over ten minutes) until she deprived me of air.  It was the most sensual feeling I have ever experienced.  She waited until I was in obvious distress to let me breath again, but did it quickly and removing the whole bag.

Next, she removed that and told me about the sensations of using a laundry bag.   Wow, was that different.  It actually had more air, but allowed her to touch my face and push down on different parts in a way depriving any access to the air.  This was much more fun and totally sensual.  That may have been when I went into my deepest subspace.  She kept telling me that she was removing a little more, than a little more air until I was gasping. She was quick to sense when I needed out.  

Ms Patty literally held my life in her hands and that is truly the essence of femdom.  She is not actually a prodomme and totally gets off on it.  What a great chemistry.  She definitely doesn't do this for the money, but the power trip.  I will gladly give up all my power to her any day, any week.  She earns it and it's not hard for her.  Ms Patty is the real deal and I can't wait for my next experience.  My two-hour session was the tip of the iceberg for her power play, but I do sense bagging may be one of her favorites and now mine.  Not sure if I could trust anyone else though.

I won't say how the session ended, but I can say that all the straps that I thought were tight were tightened to the max - what a rush.

slave chris


Thank you, thank you thank you. The last session was spectacular!!
The exposure to leather was great. That positions on the horse was even better than the first time! The ball slapping was a very good introduction, I can't wait for more. I very much enjoy that position also, so vulnerable!! I really enjoyed the tower of pain. I see from your website, you did too.
Thank you again for showing me the prostate massage.
I didn't realize there was such a difference between you using the strap on and just a dildo. Excellent! More! more! more!
I am so excited about being over that horse again and feeling those paddles on my ass. Almost as much as I look forward to you putting that big dick deep inside me and thrusting, thrusting, thrusting!!


Ms Patty, thanks for enjoying me couple day ago! Still feeling the buzz. My nipples are sore still but want more.

Again, thanks!!!

sub s

Ms Patty again thanks for an awesome time. I was gonna say no sound play at first for a hard limit but I forgot then you gagged me. Glad I didn't, I enjoyed it. You had me nervous but it was fantastic.
sub p

First... Thank you! I can't tell you how much today meant to me. Like I said before this is something i have been wanting to explore for years.

So many things going through my head. I do want to apologize for being so quiet. I think I was just trying to take the whole situation in at once.

The initial humiliation of standing before you wearing nothing but panties was very intense. Or at least I thought it was until you instructed me to get hard an my pathetic little cock wouldn't cooperate.

Being restrained in the manner you had me was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Having my legs in the air giving you full access to me is hands down the most embarrassing position I had ever been in. The electro was intense, especially on my balls. I shutter to think what that could have been like since you said the unit you were using was a small one.

Anal play.... Wow. Like I had said during our session I had only had my fingers in my ass before. Feeling you slide you fingers inside was at first uncomfortable but then quickly seemed to turn on the pre-cum faucet. The first toy you used on me really seemed to pound my prostate. This is very difficult for me to say but when you slid that dildo in me I loved it! The best part about the anal play was that there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it.

I also really enjoyed when you snipped off the tip of the condom and then made me suck my pre cum off of your fingers... I could do that all day!

I am still surprised my cock was too small to take your catheter! But getting to experience the sounds was great. Watching that rod slowly get swallowed up by my cock was intense because if you hadn't stopped it I am guessing it would have disappeared inside me!

I never thought that having a catheter in me and watching my piss trickle out would be so stimulating yet embarrassing at the same time. As a side note you must be one of the best at inserting catheters because I had absolutely no burning at all!

Thanks again!

 I know it took a couple of days, but I have finally been able to process all the emotions and feelings that went racing through my brain on Thursday. In the past when I was dressed as a sissy, most would stop at panties and a bra...i would look at myself in a mirror and just see my male self wearing women's underwear. For the first time ever, when you completed the whole schoolgirl look by having me put on the simple white blouse, i saw a female body and profile that i absolutely loved looking at. Even though from the neck up i could still see my male self, anytime i looked in the mirror at the curvy body and short skirt i felt like a truly girly little sissy. i can't wait to get in that frame of mind next time and go out in public, i have even started shopping women's fashions online and must say it is quite exciting considering how that body you gave me will look in women's career-wear. i especially can't stop thinking about also having my sissy cunt filled with something while we are out shopping as well!! i have been looking at locking butt-plug harnesses and can hardly wait to feel Your hands locking it into place before dressing up Your little sissy for his first shopping trip. Every moment that you had my ass filled i felt so submissive to You, it was almost like a hypnotic device that told me that as long as my slut hole was filled that i was only able to serve to obey was truly a liberating, yet humiliating, feeling that i can't wait to feel again. i only hope that You enjoyed my humiliation as much as i did!!

Thank You Mistress Patty

YOUR bitch

Mistress Patty is such a beautiful BBW and i can't stop thinking about Her. i had the privilege of meeting her in October (she wrote about our session on her website which made me very proud). Although Mistress has a cruel streak, she was also very understanding. She understood my limits and pushed them slightly which is exactly what i needed. i'm a toilet and pain slave, and my eyes went back and forth between her beautiful image with a paddle and her not yet finished potty box. While She had me in bondage i
knew that i was meant to be Hers, to suffer for Her pleasure. i also couldn't take my eyes off of her unfinished potty box. i knew very well that someday i would experience this intimately. i can't wait to be locked into it and i think of it often; what it will feel like to be attached and secured to the potty box, and totally helpless but ready to take her wastes. i will then be totally owned by this magnificent Domme, and i look forward to being Hers to own. i have served many Dommes in the past, but for the first time i worship this Goddess with my heart and soul.
slave chuck

a bitches first session is her most memorable. in my case, Mistress Patty had agreed to possibly start training this bitch to be an addition to HER humility wall. Upon arrival, i knocked at the given address and was met with the stern gaze of the beautiful Mistress Patty. i knew in a flat second that i would have no idea how to say no to such a strict Mistress. i stood inside the door and after about a minute in which i was sized off i was given the order to strip. with the first order my sissy clit got had as a rock, something i knew i would not be able to control. Mistress ordered me to make it go away as She despised the look of a hard clit. After a minute of trying, She realized i had no control and showed me a tennis racket looking devise and asked me if i knew what it was, i answered no. She pressed a small button on the side and touched the racket to the tip of my clit sending a painful electric shock through it. the stupid thing still wouldn't go on.
giving up on my clit, Mistress Patty ordered me into a tight dress, stockings, panties, and a garter belt (something i had never worn before). Immediately upon feeling these slutty clothes, my sissy clit got hard and exploded, for the first time, without a touch from Mistress, being followed in just under a minute from a second explosion. i had broken a rule, and i was to pay the price, Mistress ordered me to clean up my mess. after gagging on my own sissy juice for a minute, Mistress showed her only bit of mercy and let me clean the unfinished mess with a tissue. After the mess was cleaned up, i was locked into a CB-2000, my balls were HERS!!
Now that my sissy clit was secure, Mistress showed me "the position". my head was to be on the bench, and my ass was to be pointing toward the sky. i immediately got in the position and felt something inside of me. once the object was inside i felt a strange sensation which caused my clitty to explode for a third time, i was so ashamed. after a second she told me to stand in front of Her and wiggle my ass, all of the sudden i heard bells and the giggle of a Mistress at the same time. Mistress told me that i was wearing a tampon as any good slut does and the bells were some of Her favorite music, my outfit was then complete with a collar with a single word on it, "bitch", and a wig.
In a complete outfit now, Mistress told me to place my head on the floor and my ass in the air and wait for Her return. It seemed like forever and a moment at the same time until she reappeared with two of her friends. For the next half hour or so, i was made to tell he two friends of how i was unable to control my sissy clit in Mistress' presence. Mistress had me shake my ass repeatedly so that i could serenade Her friends with Her favorite music. i was made to tell them what a bad slut i was all while not being permitted to look a single female in the eye (to this day i don't know what Her friends look like). Finally after all the humiliation Mistress revealed that i was to perform one last humiliating task...i was to suck her cock. Mistress strapped on her huge cock and ordered me to start sucking, immediately i began and immediately she gave me correction, guiding my head and telling me what part of my mouth to use to provide Her with pleasure. After a few minutes of Mistress chatting with her friends while i sucked Her cock in their presence Mistress told me to stop. i was ordered back into the position while She wished Her friends a good day. She came back in, unlocked Her cock, removed my sissy tampon and ordered me back into my male clothes.
i walked out the door and looked around, noticed a few pairs of people and just knew one of those pairs was chuckling inside at the bitch they had just witnessed.
your hopeful bitch

On my way into work, i stopped at Wal Mart and purchased a pair of black panties and black pantyhose to wear today to serve my MISTRESS. Also, i purchased some ky jelly, oral gel and rubber gloves. These were the specific instructions of my GODDESS.

i drove to Columbus, an hour and half drive, wearing the panties and pantyhose and with two super size tampons in my boi cunt and a leather cock ring tightly around my clitty and balls. i had to make two business stops on my way to serve Mistress.
It felt like everyone was staring at me as i walked in hose, which were visible at the cuff of my suit pants, and with a slightly stilted gait as the tampons constantly reminded me of what a slut i was. my clitty was hard the whole time in the cock ring and feeling the smoothness of the panties on them. Fortunately i didnít have to use a public rest room as i could not have used a urinal and my hose and panties would have been clearly visible in the opening under the door.
When i arrived at Mistressí i walked in and stripped down to my pantyhose and stood for HER inspection. SHE had me put on a bustier which was tight and gave me some fem form. Then SHE inserted some false breasts to fill it out and make me really feel like a sissy slut bitch. SHE had me wiggle into a hot black shiny vinyl maidís dress and i felt so fem and like such a slut.
She had high heels in my size, She is such a thoughtful and attentive Owner. The final touch was a coating of lipstick.
MISTRESS knew that i had made a bad mistake at work and she was bound and determined to teach me my lesson and make sure i would never do it again. SHE had me stretch over the bed and attached each ankle to the corner post of the bed so that i had to stay on my tip toes in my heels and then SHE stretched out my arms and attached them to her bracing along side the bed. i was stretched out and taught and oh so vulnerable.
SHE cut away the hole around my boi cunt and tied some bells to the tampon strings, i could only imagine walking in public with those bells ringing as i walked. SHE then pulled down my pantyhose and panties and began to caress my lily white irish ass. SHE was so tender until SHE began my correction. SHE began to swat my ass, one side then the other, not missing a spot. i could feel the heat and color coming out in my ass and it hurt and i begged and cried for HER to stop. But i knew it was for my own good and i earned this punishment and deserved it.
SHE continued to redden and punish my ass and i only hoped that there was no bruising or marks left, my white skin bruises so easily i knew i could not explain the bruising to anyone else that might see it. i felt so chastised and such a slut, so helpless and vulnerable and being given what i deserved. i know SHE stopped when SHE was ready and my pleas and begging and crying had nothing to do with the length and severity of my punishment.
The pain and humiliation of being dressed like a sissy, no longer a man or a shadow of man, with no dignity only existing at the whim and for the pleasure of my MISTRESS was my fate and SHE understood that totally. SHE sat and laughed at me for the pathetic bitch i was, less than a man and unworthy of any respect, total degradation by MISTRESS. SHE had a wicked electric toy of some sort that shocked me and made me jump when SHE applied it to my legs and ass. i had to stay on my toes in my heels or get zapped and it hurt so i did my best to stay on my toes.
MISTRESS threatened to use the zapper on my balls and i know i could not have endured that pain. MISTRESS made me repeat phrases during my spanking to reinforce proper behavior and emphasize why i was being punished, and believe me i will never do that again, i will always remember my discipline.
During this process SHE enjoyed the sound of the bells as i wiggled and struggled against the blows raining down on my ass. After SHE had finished, she removed the tampons from my slut hole and put them in the rubber gloves and stuck them under my nose so i smelled my shit covered tampons during the remainder of my training. After having read HER website, i thought SHE might put them in my mouth to familiarize me with the taste as this is one of the training methods she described in preparing her toilet slaves.
SHE then moved to my next phase of training and put oralgel on my cunt lips and it burned and burned and hurt like heck. Eventually, the burning went away and it just felt numb. SHE then went to work expanding my pussy, telling me i needed to open it up to start taking real cocks in it. SHE had me continue to say that a bitch is only good to get fucked and abused and i believe it with all my heart after that session.
SHE slowly worked HER fingers in my tight hole and then put in a vibrating toy of some sort, The vibrations ran from my cunt to my head and kept my nipples and clitty hard. SHE then shoved some fingers into my cum hole and began to shove them in and out, with the vibrations and the movement of her hand i felt like i was being fucked. SHE proved to me that i am a bitch and needed to be fucked and abused.
my shoulders and calves and thighs were burning and aching and my ass was on fire and my hole felt used, like the slut hole it was meant to be. MISTRESS but a small butt plug in my cunt and released me from the bonds. i was not permitted to look at her after that, i kept on the panties and cut hose with the cock ring still in place and a hard clitty and full pussy, i dressed in my suit to leave. Before leaving i had to reapply my lipstick.
i left GODDESS knowing that i am a future cum slut bitch who needs fucked and abused and that my OWNER is properly training me for my real role in life. i had to stop for gas and forgot i had on the lipstick and went in to pay and they all looked at me strangely and it wasnít until later i looked in the mirror in the car and realized i still had on the lipstick. i was so humiliated but then realized that this is exactly what MISTRESS is training me to becum, a sissy bitch.
i got back to the office and my cunt hole was very sore and full and my clitty was still hard and leaking, i had wet spots on the front of my suit pants. i kept my briefcase in front of me to hide the wetness as i went into my office. i had to hide it when i met with a client also, at five i was permitted to remove the plug and take off the cock ring and change back into my boxers. i had gotten used to the silky feel of the panties on my clit and missed it in the boxers. It took several hours before i felt my hole close back up after removing the plug. my ass was sore and i felt used and drained but knew it was for the best and that my OWNER was only doing what was best for me.
There is no question of my loyalty and allegiance to MISTRESS and the fact that she has the insight to know exactly what i need and how to make me the sissy cum slut bitch that i was born to becum.
YOUR obedient sissy slut michelle

Thank you for inviting me over for our 1st Christmas. Thank you for the nice black dress you bought me, it was very tight & I do luv to wear tight clothes. I'm glad you liked your "Hot Pink" CB-2000 I got you, it seems to fit me pretty well too. New Years Eve you invited me to come with you to spend NYE with your family. I was wearing your CB-2000 under my black thong & the black dress you got me for Christmas, 5" black high heeled boots & a blonde wig. Everyone who came & stayed or left enjoyed seeing sissy donna all dressed up for NYE. I enjoyed being there with you & meeting everyone. I sat in my seat all night only getting up with your permission to use the ladies room. Wearing the CB-2000 at work was great, no one even noticed I even had it on. It's been a real thrill to be driving around all dressed up, my long legs bare for all the truck drivers to see (blush)(giggle) & you sitting beside me.

sissy slave donna

I had my 2nd experience as a forced fem this past weekend. My Mistress had me dress up as a female before we left her place, my male clothes were left at her place. I was completely dressed as a female for the whole weekend we was gone, wearing a black silk top w/breast enhanced bra & a jean skirt made out of a pair of jean shorts, pantyhose & 5 inch high heels. We drove to almost Tenn., she had us stop at Shoney's for lunch, I was nervous, but still went in for lunch. We ate lunch, & I didn't get any food on my top even though I barely see my plate for my breasts being in the way. Mistress had me go to the ladies room after lunch to reapply lipstick to my lips. I used the restroom & as I was pulling up my pantyhose, my fingernail caused a run in them from the crotch to my left knee, I almost cried. After we got to our hotel room Mistress was thirsty, so I went down the hall with my breasts bouncing to & fro & got 2 bottles of pop. My Mistress's toilet slave came to our room, & while they were having their session on 1 bed, I was on the other bed on my hands & knees with just my bra & top on, my butt up in the air waiting to be used. Mistress tried a few things with her toilet slave & me. After her toilet slave left we both took a nap since we both were tired. In the morning I dressed up in a long skirt w/fishnet panties & long sleeve blouse. We drove back home but stopped at a rest area just before entering Ohio, it felt great to feel the wind blowing thru my skirt. In Ohio we stopped at a fast food drive-thru, I ordered our food & gave the guy the money, I think he was a bit surprised at me. Then at the next rest area Mistress & I both went into the ladies restroom, it felt wonderful to be there with my Mistress. I took my Mistress back to her place & my wonderful weekend ended when I put my male clothes back on. Thank you Mistress for a wonderful weekend :)
sissy slave donna

    It felt wonderful putting on my waist cincher & thong, & adding my fishnet body stocking over them, leaving my pierced nipples with the handcuff piercing uncovered for everyone to see. Then after my makeup was applied & wig put on, I looked in the mirror & saw Jamie Lee Curtis. Then I put on my sexy high heels & my collar & cuffs & went alone down stairs to get our passes for the Halloween party inside Bowties. I got a lot of attention from everyone on my way to the check in desk & back to our room. We went together arm in arm to Bowties, we got 2 stools at the bar. I walked around Bowties a lot that night, everyone was looking at the cute girl in her cute outfit, I even got attention from a male in the men's restroom. It would of been great to been in the women's restroom, but didn't want anyone to complain how much better I looked than them. Later on during the night, the same male tried to pass me his room key, which I refused, why, cause I was with my Mistress. I went to the dance floor to see if I could find someone to dance with & 2 black females grabbed me & had me dance with them for 2-3 songs. Later that night they was having the costume contest, I went up to watch it, & got pushed from behind onto the dance floor, little did I know, til it happened, but I WON as the Sexiest Costume. I was in total shock, all these women I beat out for the Sexiest Costume. My Mistress was so proud of me. We left Bowties & had our own fun in our room. That was 1 experience I thought would never happen, me dressing up as a female & going to a bar where a lot of people knew me. It was great.
sissy slave donna

The visit was most degrading and humiliating.

Driving to see you in Yellow peddle pushers, a thin Yellow, Green, and Orange, see through top, Black Bra (which could be easily seen through my blouse, and Panties and Black Thigh Highs that showed from mid calf to my shoes
was bad enough.

But, an across the street male neighbor, that I did not see at first, was
on his porch when I got out of my car and saw me in my sissy outfit and it
would have been impossible for him not to see that I had a bra on, along with my sissy clothes.

I did not hurry and did not see him until I was on your porch and turned around to set the locks on my car.

I really was humiliated when you pushed me on my hands and knees, pulled my
 panties down, put on the ball stretcher and tickled me so that I almost yanked my sissy sack off.

Hope you had fun with me!

I can't stop thinking about our second session together. I am so glad that you allowed me to cum today. When I came all I thought about was being teased and denied and not allowed to cum, the sensation of the butt plug being in me as you touched around my genitals, and being helpless on that cross as you punished me. I think the hardest part of our session for me was actually the tease and denial. You are exactly right about how much my pathetic penis controls my slutty mind. When you brought in the person to watch it was very embarrassing. My pathetic Ass also cant stop thinking about how you made my cock hard in front of her and then made it soft instantly by punching me in the balls. I felt so helpless and controlled. I love to be humiliated and controlled by you. My pathetic ass feels wanted and accepted and it I love to serve you and make you happy. I will definitely make our third session real real soon, no later then the beginning of August. Thank you for allowing me to serve you once again and I look forward to our next session. 

slave jeff,

Thank You for the time today.  i realize that i am very naive, and did not know anywhere near as much about he subject that I thought I did, but i truly enjoyed our time together. If You would allow, i would like to visit you again. i think next time i can be more into it. i would like You to show me more of what Dominance is about. i feel that You can complement me.

By the way, i was relieved to find my ball sack wasn't 3X original size as it felt when the humbler was on it. Also, i hope i did not embarrass you with your neighbors on the porch.

Take care. You are truly a remarkable and insightful person. You are a great asset to the D/s community 


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