Sterilization and Sanitation

In this section you will find My sanitation and sterilization practices that ensures both your and My safety during our meeting. If your going to play make sure to do it as safe as possible. Below ensures this.

All surfaces that you may come in contact with are disinfected between meetings. All bedding if used is laundered between meetings as well.

Medical Play:

Whenever possible disposable, one time use items are used. Such items as Needles, Razors, Catheters, IV Tubing, Sutures and so forth which are sterilized and sealed by it's original manufacturer. Used needles are disposed of in a sharps container which insures during the scene they are not reused.

Metal Instruments such as Sounds, Forceps, Specula, Tweezers and so forth are sterilized by an alternative autoclave method called Steam Pressure Sterilization which uses a pressure cooker. Even after My metal medical instruments are disinfected it is then put into a pressure cooker that reaches 250 degrees for 30 minutes making sure they are sterilized.

For insertions I only use a sterile surgical lubricant called Surgi-lube. This comes in 3g foil packets. Latex gloves are also used at all times to ensure a clean and problem free experience.

Latex or Rubber Toys:

All of My latex and rubber toys are cleaned then disinfected with a product called Mar-V-cide DISINFECTANT. This is a hospital grade disinfectant and is effective against HIV, Herpes 1 & 2, STD's, Germs and Bacteria. Latex condoms are used for penetrations to further protect as well as Latex groves are always worn. This same disinfectant is used to clean My larger equipment, leather and wooden toys after each use.

Clothing, Shoes and Bondage Rope:

Since many sissy sluts do not have their own clothing to use during a meeting I do keep a limited wardrobe for them to use. All items once used are laundered immediately following our meeting together and yes this includes bondage rope which I rarely use.  PVC clothing and shoes are disinfected after each use.

If during our meeting you would like to bring your own toys to give yourself further peace of mind, you may do so. Just make sure during scheduling you make this known.


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