By The Writing Bitch

"What Luck," I thought when I logged into the Leather Realm that day.  Mistress Patty had a front page advertisement that she needed a "special" Butler for an upcoming event.  I had been to see Mistress Patty once and knew of her eccentricities, but decided nonetheless to enclose in an E-mail detailing my desire to become her servant my Resume, which was rich with formal serving experience.  To my amazement, it was just one hour later when I received a reply.

"Good Afternoon bitch:
        I have read through your E-mail and see that you will do nicely for my event.  I have seen you before and know that you will be aptly skilled to entertain MY party goers.  I have included in the E-mail a contract which includes a total appearance clause.  Please electronically sign this document and return it to me.  Once received and authorized, I will send you beginning instructions for the day of the party.
Mistress Patty"
I immediately downloaded the file and signed it electronically, barely stopping to read it.  What I did read speedily included phrases like "Servant will wear and adopt any look that is deemed appropriate for the event by Mistress Patty," and "Violation of any contract clause will result in immediate termination of Servant."  I couldn't see myself doing anything that would get be terminated from such an amazing opportunity, so with little thought I signed and returned the Contract. 
It took a day to receive a reply.  When I opened the E-mail with my nervously shaking hand, it struck me odd that the instructions looked just like any other event I had helped serve before.
"Good Afternoon bitch:
    MY party needs to be perfect.  On Feb 29th i would like you to please dress as you would to serve any other formal party.  I need you to get an early start, so please report the Salon whose address I have attached at 11 a.m.  You will tell the receptionist that You are Mistress Patty's servant and then hand her $100 to cover the expenses and the tips for the beauticians.  Once you are finished, proceed to my residence to continue getting ready.
Mistress Patty
Seemed innocent enough, I anticipated every day up to Mistress Patty's birthday party.  I could only think of what she had planned.  Would i be carrying a tray all evening?  Would I perhaps just be locked in a cage and put on display as a well dressed wall decoration?  I knew anything was possible and my brain would not rest until the day of the event. 
February 29th arrived.  I woke up at 9 a.m that morning and showered and dressed.  I put on a nice pair of black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt with a wingtip collar, and a black bow tie and vest to cap off the formal look.  I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I would look perfect for Mistress Patty and was off to the Salon.  Upon arrival, I walked inside and saw a very good looking woman behind the counter with very nicely done hair and makeup, I could tell this place was classy.  I handed her the $100 and said out loud "I am Mistress Patty's servant and I am here for my appointment."  She smiled at me for a second and giggled and said "Of course, She told us a well dressed man would be coming in today.  Please have a seat over there, can I get You something to drink?"
"No, Thanks" I said and had a seat, barely able to conceal my nervousness.
Another lady, probably in her mid 30s, came out and greeted me, "So You are Mistress Patty's birthday servant this year huh?"
"This Year?" I thought to myself before responding to the well groomed hairstylist "Yes, Ma'am."
"And so mannerly, I see why she chose You, please follow me." She led me back to a chair and I sat down.  I was caped and had my hair shampooed and cut rather short.  It was combed back rather severely and cut rather high on the sides.  I had no idea why she wanted such a style, but I had signed the contract.  After she was done, she called a colleague over and asked "Do you think it is high enough on the sides?  I'm pretty sure everything is away from the forehead as well."
"I think It will be satisfactory, not like anyone will see his hair anyway" she responded.  I was puzzled by this comment, but before I could ask a question, the colleague turned to me and said. "Now that Your hair is out of the way, I need you to follow me so we can take care of the rest of it."  Without much question, I followed the new woman.
She led me into a secluded room with a medical table inside of it.  "Lay down and remove your pants" she said.  With a questioning look I did so, looking nervous the whole way.  "This may hurt a little" said the woman, "We are going to get rid of that hair on your legs today, Mistress Patty doesn't want any of that nasty leg hair showing for her party." 
"But I am wearing pants this evening Ma'am" I said, while she started to apply warm wax to my legs.
"Of Course You are" She said with a sly grin, as she applied a white strip over the fresh Wax.  RRRRRRIIIIIPPP!!!  With a small sting I could see a whole bare patch on my leg.  Like a scorched Earth in the middle of a forest, nothing left but bare skin.  Before I knew it, the woman had finished both legs.  "Put Your pants back on" She said.  "Do you like the way it feels?" She asked "Is there any chafing or discomfort?"  "No. Ma'am" I replied, "It just feels weird is all."
"You will get over that soon enough, Mistress Patty has just called wondering if You are about finished, go ahead and get fully dressed and on your way." "Yes, Ma'am" I replied, and got in my car to proceed to Mistress Patty's, freshly cut and shaved.
I knocked at Mistress Patty's door.  Despite the rather short haircut, I felt good about how i looked.  i would be a great looking Butler for the evening, hopefully my work that night would make all of Mistress Patty's friends jealous.  The door opened and Mistress Patty beckoned me into her home.
"Stand in the middle of the room, bitch," Came the commanding voice.  I went to the middle of the room and stood for her inspection.  "Good, I like the hair, pull up your pants."  Doing as told, I pulled up the legs to my slacks and showed her the new smooth hair.  She slowly felt up and down both legs, causing my cock to begin to spring to life. "Very Nice, now strip."
With no question I pulled off my Butler uniform, wondering what was in store.  Standing naked before Mistress Patty in the middle or the room, cock now standing hard. "I remember that little sissy slit" Said Mistress Patty, "You have no control over that thing do You bitch?"
"No, Ma'am" i replied.
"Put this on" she said as she threw me an Extended Pleasure condom.  I rolled it onto the shaft and immediately felt my cock start to go numb. "They make these condoms for sissy boys like You that have no control over their man-flesh.  It makes it take MUCH longer for You to become fully aroused. It should take care of your 'little' problem today, I'll be right back now that we have that problem under control."
Mistress Patty left the room and came back with a matching lingerie set.  A black lacy bra and panties, a set of black lace stockings and a garter belt.  "Put these on, bitch."  Standing naked i knew i had no choice but to do what she said, after all, i didn't want to be terminated from this opportunity, not now.  I slid the panties and stockings on, then slid the garter up and attached the straps.  Mistress Patty again left the room as I finished struggling with and putting on the bra.  When Mistress returned, she had two small breast forms in her hands. "These will give you a nice A cup to show off for the day" she said as she slid the forms into place. "Now assume the position."  I knew what this meant, head on the floor, ass in the air.  Behind me a heard the jingling of bells and giggling from Mistress Patty. "Now that You are a girl underneath, lets make you feel like a girl inside time for your period" With that, Mistress Patty had inserted her patented bell on a tampon.  She put the strap from the thong panties over the end of the tampon and ordered me to stand upright.  "Now shake that ass bitch" She said.  I shook my posterior, making the bells jingle.  "Now get redressed, we have some shopping to do." 
I put my formal attire back on, which thankfully covered up all of the lingerie.  However, due to my now slightly bigger chest area, the shirt and vest were a bit harder to get on than usual.  Mistress Patty helped solve this problem by unbuttoning the top buttons of my vest, while this helped the outfit, it was obvious to anyone that my chest has some very curvy lumps in it.  "We will take care of that look shortly" Said Mistress Patty, "now go open the door of my car for me and buckle yourself in the back seat."  Walking rather uncomfortable with the tampon in my ass, i waddled outside and did as told.  Mistress Patty arrived in the car, and we were off to the Mall.
I was feeling rather embarrassed with my swelled looking chest, walking a step behind Mistress Patty, speeding up to open doors for her.  I followed her into Macy's and we went right to the women's career-wear section.  Mistress Patty told me stand at attention behind her while she talked to her friend.  They talked for several minutes in low whispers before Mistress and her friend approached me.  "See where she is busting out of her shirt" Mistress Patty said, referring to me as "she."
"I believe I have some options that will work for you Patty" said her friend "should I round them up?"
"That would be nice.  Bitch, go wait in the fitting room."  I turned and found an empty fitting room to wait in, not wanting to sit down on my filled bottom, I waited for a few minutes standing up.  Mistress Patty arrived in my fitting room with a few women's white shirts. "Take off that ridiculous looking top" she said as she hung up the items.  I removed my shirt, vest, and tie, leaving only the bra and breasts that Mistress Patty had bestowed on me.  "Try this on" she said.  I put on the satin blouse with a frilly lace tie at the collar.  It fit over my new breasts perfectly, the only downside was it clearly showed the bra through the shirt. "Now lets show Melissa how you look."  Mistress Patty led me out of the fitting room and to her friend, who was now ringing out another customer.  The customer, a rather attractive female college student, took a glimpse at me and giggled.  "See what sissy boys will do when you control their cock?" Mistress Patty said to the girl.
"He does look cute" the girl said as she walked away.  I knew my face was red as ever.  My palms were beginning to sweat up a storm, and my legs felt weak.  I truly was doing anything for Mistress Patty...and it felt good.  Melissa finished her end of the transaction and came and looked me up and down.  "Is that the look You want for Your party Patty?" she asked.
"It will do fine, he will be wearing it out" Mistress Patty replied.  She had me pay for the shirt and had Melissa remove the tags before we left Macy's.  Now dressed in my black slacks and new blouse, i followed Mistress Patty out of Macy's and back into the shopping area of the Mall.  "From here on out, Your eyes will remain cast downward" said Mistress Patty.  " I am in charge of you, you do nothing without my say so and you do not speak unless it is me speaking to you, do you understand bitch?"
"Yes, Mistress Patty, I understand"
"Good, now lets take care of those pants."  Mistress Patty led me to another store in the Mall.  I was largely unfamiliar with it, but it was full of young women and had rave music pumping through the loud speakers.  I knew people were looking at me and my blouse, bra showing through for the world to see, but I could not see them, my eyes were fixed on the ground at Mistress Patty's feet.  Mistress Patty reached into her bag and pulled out a tape measure and wrapped it around my waste.  "Inhale deeply" she said before pulling the tapemeasure unbelievably tight.  "Lets see how little we can make that waste of yours."  Once finished, she sat me in a chair and went looking around the store.  She brought back various black skirts of various lengths and styles.  We went into the fitting room together and she told me to try on the first one.  I pulled it up like a pair of pants and told Mistress Patty that it wouldn't close all the way.  She pulled the skirt up over my hips and nearer to my belly button and again said "inhale."  As a took a deep breath in, the zipped up the skirt over my new blouse.  "How does that feel?" Mistress Patty asked.
"Too tight" I said "I feel like my stomach will bust through it."
"Don't worry about that, women do it every day, and since you are obviously going to be my little bitch for my birthday, you need to feel pain in the name of beauty.  Now bend over at the waste."  I bent over and Mistress Patty put her hands on my plugged ass and let a little moan.  "This will do finely, follow me to the counter" I looked down and realized that I would be walking out in public in a skirt and blouse, a bra that could be as plain as day through the shirt, and stockings and garter belt that could now also be easily seen below my thigh-length skirt.  I followed Mistress Patty to the check out, staring at the ground the whole time.  "My little sissy here needs to pay for his new skirt." Mistress Patty told the clerk.  I could hear the stunned look in her voice while she muttered between giggles "that will be $35."  I handed her the money, never once looking at her face.  "Have a nice day" she said almost automatically as we left the store?
I almost dreaded if anything was left.  It was 4 p. m and Mistress Patty's party guests were set to arrive in three hours.  "One more stop" said Mistress Patty.  I followed her into Dillard's and we stopped at the make-up counter. "I need you to make up my little sissy boy for my birthday party tonight, I already have him in costume as you can see, can you do something to augment his look?" Mistress Patty asked the counter girl.
"Not my usual client, but let's see what we can do.  First some foundation all over his face to cover up any hair growth.  Would you like a more professional look? Or are you going more theatrical?" She asked Mistress Patty.
"Lets stick with more professional, she is going to be busy enough with my guests to have to worry about checking her makeup too often."
"She?...Oh, of course" giggled the make-up girl.  She proceeded to apply a nice gray eye-shadow around my eyes, followed by black eyeliner.  A little blush on my cheekbones and a dark red shade of lipstick completed the look.  Mistress Patty tipped the counter girl ten dollars and we were on our way.
Once back at Mistress Patty's home, she turned to me and said "skirt off, we have some work to do, assume the position on the bench."  I went over to her spanking bench and put my knees on the holds, putting my ass in the air.  Mistress Patty attached shackles to my legs, ankles, hands, and finally bound my head to the bench.  " I can't have you squirming around now" she said with an evil tone in her voice.  The first thing she did was grab the bell on the end of the tampon and yank it out.  The amount of relief that went through my body was enormous.  It sent a shiver through my body that i had never felt before. I let out a verbal moan.  "So you like having things removed from Your ass huh?  Good thing, but first lets make sure that skirt doesn't misbehave this evening."  Mistress Patty approached me from the rear and wrapped a corset around my waste and stomach area.  "Inhale deeply and hold bitch."  I inhaled and felt instantly Mistress Patty tightening the corset.  I immediately realized that I could not exhale fully and that my breathing would be fully measured until the corset was removed.  Mistress Patty then spoke again.  "As you can see bitch, you are going to be MY sissy slave for MY Birthday Party, I have always wanted a sissy looking skirted boy serving me and my friends on MY Birthday and I am so appreciative of what you are doing that i am going to allow you to truly feel like a woman this evening."  I felt something enter into my anus, I knew it wasn't another tampon, it felt smaller.  "You of course have been on your period through our shopping trip, what you didn't feel was the deep discomfort and cramping that real women feel during this process.  We go to work and function daily with these feeling and I am going to allow your little sissy self to experience this also.  Just one turn of the knob..."  I felt something rushing into my ass and tried to jump.  I was so bound to the table that nothing happened. "What you are feeling is an enema filled with more than just soapy water.  I have added warm milk and molasses to warm water.  This will make you feel cramps much like the ones women feel once a month for their whole lives.  Tonight, you are going to work my party feeling this exact way."  Once the enema had filled my insides, I could feel cramps start to come on immediately.  Mistress Patty undid the binds on my legs and slid something up my legs.  I felt the enema tube being removed from my ass.  It was immediately replaced with something else, something a bit larger, before Mistress Patty wrapped herself around me.  She took her hands and slowly moved them up my legs, she stopped and cupped my balls, whispering "these are mine" in my ear.  She removed the condom from my hardening shaft and replaced it with another "can't have a wet clit, can we?" she again said softly in my ear.  She wrapped her hands around my pantied waist and rubbed my corseted stomach.  I then heard a "click."
Mistress Patty was immediately off of me, removing my arm and head shackles.  "That should do" she said.  I looked down and saw a harness around my waist with a padlock locked on the front. "The buttplug is attached in the back, we take it off when the party is over, now put your skirt on, we have to get you some shoes."  Mistress Patty left the room while i pulled my skirt on.  It easily fit now as the corset had my waist contracted to the proper size.  The bunching up of my bottom half forced my posture upward and back, making my new A-cup breasts jut out in a perky B-Cup manner.  I neatly tucked in my blouse and straightened the seams on my stockings.  Despite the cramps, i had myself standing at attention for Mistress Patty's return.  She returned with a pair of 5 inch black heels.  I noticed they had locking straps on them right away.  I didn't struggle as Mistress Patty locked them on my feet, i somehow felt resigned to my duties.  As the final "click" of the shoes sounded with the locking of the final padlock, Mistress Patty giggled.  "6:30 p.m., Guests will be here in a half-hour. Go wait on the front porch at attention and open the door for each as they arrive.  When all ten have arrived, you may come in and begin serving appetizers.  Oops, one more thing" quickly turning around, she grabbed a black wig from behind her.  It was a short "bob" style and came down only past the chin.  She applied some glue around the base and affixed it to my head.  Once she was sure it was going to hold, she affixed a collar around my neck.  On it was inscribed one word...."bitch"
"Perfect" said Mistress Patty, "Let's get this Birthday Party Started"

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