By: Mistress Patty

"Come lay next to Me, I'm cold", I whisper across the dark bedroom. As you climb into bed I turn the light on and reach for the steel 8oz ball stretcher in My drawer. Climbing back into the bed I turn towards you and grasp your ball sack into My left hand, the cool steel ball stretcher in the other and begin attaching it. As I tighten the screws I whisper, "you are going to be snug as a bug in a rug tonight". Continuing, I attach the leather restraints to your wrists and use little brass locks to attach the restraints to the eyelets of the ball stretcher causing you to be unable to move your arms.

Once finished I came close to you and began to snuggle creating warmth between us. My head resting upon your bare chest and My hand cupping your restrained balls, squeezing them as I fall asleep.

Sweet Dreams......