By: Mistress Patty

"Go fetch Me a switch", I said as you entered the door. Stepping slowly you turn around and head out to the yard. Moments later you return with a switch from the old cherry tree out back. "Come to Me right this second, you know the position", My voice boomed from the chair across the room. Slowly you cross the room, stopping in front of the footstool then as you slide down your bottoms, you lay across the footstool just beneath My feet.

As you lay across My footstool exposed, the sound of My breathing deepens to a rustic growl. Suddenly the slight piercing sound of the long, slender wood slicing thru the air rings in your ears on its path to your bare flesh. Swish is followed by the booming CRACK of the switch against your skin, soon your flesh feels as though it is being ripped from your frame. Quickly the following cracks against your skin become deafening.

"No, this switch isn't good enough. Pull your pants up and fetch another," I say as I break the cherry switch in two. Slowly you pull up your pants and underwear then head out the door once again. Soon you re-enter with a switch from the Oak tree from the side of the house. "Get back into position now, boy." I remind you. Without a word you get back into position over the footstool with your pants and underwear pulled down around your ankles.

"Perhaps this is the correct one", I taunt as I lift the thicker Oak switch in the air to aim. SWOOSH.......rings loudly as the sudden CRACK strikes your worn flesh. As your burning flesh is mangled again by the thrashing thud of the thicker switch the once red stripes along your backside now weep droplet's of blood as faint bruising appears. I begin to rant as the My strikes continue, "you will remember this switching for a long time." The tears visibly rolling down your fleshy cheeks.

Once satisfied that the offence will not be repeated I finish your correction telling you to pull your bottoms up and then straight to your room. "If you EVER repeat this sin again, you are in for a beating like you have never experienced." My final reminder to you as I lay the switch next to My chair.

As you wipe the tears from your puffy eyes, I look over to you and say..."Today you may suffer but you also grow to be a better person."