While I do respect hard limits of those I train but keeping this in mind I do enjoy Toilet Slavery. The following will give you an insight of My interests within Toilet Slavery and Methods.

Health Risk of Urine Consumption:  Drinking urine from a healthy person is in general harmless since urine is sterile naturally by our own filtering system within our bodies. There is though a small risk if the Top/Dominant has a present bacterial infection or a disease is already present although STD's are NOT transmitted by urine. Keep in mind urine does contain high amounts of salt and minerals. So the conclusion is the consumption of urine in limited amounts is harmless with very few health risks.
Health Risk of Fecal Consumption:  The consumption of human fecal matter has major health risks. Such diseases, bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted is Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, E-coli, Giardia and Shigella.  Because of these health risks KNOW YOUR Top/Dominant. I can not stress how important it is to know the health status and health practices of your partner. If even after the health risks that your still interested in Fecal Consumption I suggest for you to have yourself tested regularly for diseases, get a yearly influenza vaccination as well as a pneumonia vaccination. You can also get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. Even though you have now seen precautions you may take and the health risks of fecal consumption remember limited amounts is important.
Various forms of Golden and Scat play I Enjoy :
Toilet Slavery
Adult Baby With Messy Diaper
Psychological Connection By Consumption

Methods I've Used:

Forced Consumption
Formal Place Setting Consumption (Food Involved)
Showers while Restrained
Toilet Servitude (Sole Purpose)
Sensual Showers
Introduction To Full Toilet Slavery:
I begin all inexperienced slaves that I am using for this type of play by manipulating his/her brain to accept the scent of scat. By manipulating the brain to accept the smell it is less likely rejection will occur. Slow introduction of scat is essential for a favorable experience.  


Using the slave as toilet paper (Rimming)
Slave sucking or chewing tampons that has been used anally
Bite size swallowing without chewing
Mixed with Food
Orally cleaning used anal toys
I'm quite creative so you never know when I will add more to My list.

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