By Mistress Patty

As you walk in the door you know your purpose today is to be My toilet. I welcome you with a nice cold glass of My golden and My homemade brown brownies. We sit and chat as I watch you eat of Me.  As I fill your glass and hand you another brownie I tell you to eat then undress as I prepare a few things in the other room. I smile while leaving you.

Ahh so many wonderful things to use on My toilet today. I begin with setting up My blender. Laying a large bowl out to use later and setting up My large black enema bag. I also lay out My largest sounds, lube and rectal tubes. To finish I reach for My black leather skirt, black stockings and black bustier. I begin to get dressed.

Come to Me. My hand reaches for yours and I take you to the bathroom with Me. There is a huge bowl ready for My use. I raise My skirt and tell you to position the bowl under Me. I release My brown and golden into it as you hold it. I then stand up, turning around and smiling. I take the bowl and begin pouring the contents into My blender I have set up and begin to pulse it to the right consistency. A nice thick paste perfect to use with My enema bag. While your kneeling next to Me I begin tell you that today you will ooze with My taste throughout you. I will be running thru your body and we will truly become one. My bag is set up, filled and I order you to the floor. Ass in the air and head to the floor. Sliding My well lubed finger deep into your c*nt then lubing My largest rectal tube. I slowly begin feeding the rectal tube inside you. Deeper and deeper till I am deep inside your intestines. About a foot and half perhaps 2 feet inside you. I undo the clip and begin filling you slowly filling you deeper. A feeling of fullness becomes the constant reminder as I empty the bag of My mixture deep inside you till the bag is empty. I remove the tube as I tell you to hold the mixture within you replacing the tube with an inflatable plug that will not come out till I deflate it.

I look down upon you as you are kneeling and tell you to lay on your back. That little bitch between your legs is standing at attention. I grab it and begin laughing and I reach for the bottle of lube, feeding it into your pisshole. Working from a medium sound that easily sliding into the bitch to the next size up I reach for the largest sound and begin feeding it slowly into the little bitch. The bitch's mouth stretching to take every inch. As the widest part of the sound reaches the mouth it begins to stretch so much it rips on each side. Once I bust the mouth I can clearly fuck the bitch like a real pussy. "What a good little bitch" I say as I straddle it, teasing it with My pussy juice.

Now the cramping deep inside you has began quite painful. I tell you to get on your knees again with your ass in the air. I ask you...."can you taste Me?" Your answer is "yes" as you belch. I smile and reach for the bowl. Once the bowl is placed under your c*nt and deflate the plug, remove it I tell you to release. Slowly you push and the paste which has become thinner now fills the bowl much more than it was before. I order you to the tub. As you lay there I begin pouring the mixture from the bowl covering you completely in it. Using My hands, painting you completely in My brown and golden. From your neck to your toes I cover you. What a beautiful sight.

With great delight I tell you to begin rubbing that little bitch. While you rub I question you. "How do I taste?" "How sweet am I?" I stand over your face as you answer. My replies reinforce My essence running thru your body. As the cum deep inside you begins to build I tell you to beg for permission to explode. Quickly you begin to beg as I look down upon the little bitch between your legs covered in My shit and piss.  Giggling I give you permission but follow it by saying " you will clean your shit, piss and cum covered hand with your tongue". Once you reply "yes" I say cum for Me.  The blast of cum covers the shit and piss and then you begin to lap it all up. Cum, piss and shit.

Once finished I tell you to stand within the tub and I turn the water on. Warm water begin to pour as I turn the shower on. Removing My clothing, I step inside with you and we begin to shower. I watch as the shit and piss begins to slide down your frame flowing with the water down the drain. I pour body wash into your hand and you begin to lather up. As you rinse off, I hand you the bottle and you refill your hand. I tell you to shower Me. Reaching your soapy hand out running your fingers along My pale skin. Running your soap filled hands over My nude curves. Covering My body with suds. Soon we are both smelling sweetly.

Mmmm what a wonderful time to be had with you My toilet.

©2004-2008 The Leather Realm