Male To Female Transformation

Within My over 25 years in the D/s lifestyle I've always had a strong interest with male feminization. My attraction to the concept and training is simply I'm physically and psychologically attracted to the more feminine male and I enjoy both forms. I have found there are 2 basic groups that feminized males will fall into. These groups does not normally involve those slaves with nylon or corset fetishes. For these 2 fetishes involve the sensations rather than the actual emotional release.  

Most will say they have characteristics of both the sissy and slut which is certainly possible and in most cases true. But when going back to the very basic interest you will find in most cases one or the other. So yes within Sissification lines can be crossed within these 2 very basic groups.
Sissy Slave: The first group involves no idea of forced feminization and normally no humiliation from the transformation. These slaves are naturally feminine and have a true desire to be guided both physically and emotionally to become passable or in most cases the feeling of being sexy. This may also involve allowing the slave to have the desired release of responsibilities that is forced upon him by societies idea of the typical male. Through a Dominant's guidance they are emotionally able to handle not only their submissive tendencies but to also accept themselves for the sensual sexy vixen hidden well beneath the male exterior. With training, allowing both the vixen and the male to exist within reality will give the slave the needed self confidence that will be noticed both in private and in his everyday life. For the sissy slave the focus is NOT sexual but rather a truly emotional release.  
Slut Slave: The second group involves the idea of forced feminization and normally includes humiliation from the transformation. This may involve not only dressing privately but also public. The use and training of these slut slaves normally also involve heavy sexual humiliation. Various humiliations for this type of slut slave may involve bi-sexual acts, public and private displays of self humiliation, verbal and abnormal sexual acts. The slut slave is used/guided best by the Dominant emotionally and physically exploiting the slave's own darkest, twisted fantasies which is normally sexual in nature. The slut slave when viewed by society in his everyday life is normally a typical male that is in charge but privately craves the release by means of this form of humiliation. For him the idea of a male being dressed and used as a female is a major part of his humiliation. By this it allows him to emotionally and physically release.

I keep a small wardrobe for those sissy sluts I train. From wigs, make-up, shoes, cloths and costumes to panties, stockings, pantyhose and garters. For those sissy sluts that will be returning on a regular basis I allow for them to store their precious items in a storage bin securely put away for each time they visit.

One never knows what will happen within My meetings. Going shopping for a beautiful wig, sexy heels or HOT new lingerie does certainly happen under My guidance of course.  I've taken sissy sluts to parties, clubs and to even mini vacations. My sissy sluts have served as maids or even entertainment for certain gentlemen visitors.  Within the first face to face meeting it will be private. After that the only limitations are your hard limits and My creative imagination.

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