The Trip

By: slave michael

MISTRESS PATTY ordered HER slave to appear at
11:00 a.m. SHE had him strip naked and crawl into HER
bathroom. SHE was still lounging in HER night clothes
waiting for him to serve HER every whim and desire.
Because SHE was going to afford him the pleasure of
bathing HER beautiful body, SHE had to counter act the
pleasure with pain, for HER amusement and his agony.
SHE felt that a slave needs to understand that
pleasure is not his, only HERS, and that for a slave,
pain and pleasure will always go together.

SHE had him lay on his back and put his legs up
in the air. he grabbed his knees and pulled them
towards his head, thus allowing his asshole to face
straight up. MISTRESS PATTY put a spreader bar
between his knees to keep his legs apart and his
asshole accessible. MISTRESS then took a douche
bottle and extended the nozzle. SHE inserted it into
his slave pussy and began to fuck him with the nozzle,
squeezing the liquid into him all the time.

When all of the douche had been deposited into
him, SHE left the bottle shoved into his hole. SHE
stepped around to his head and removed HER panties as
SHE stood over his wide eyes. SHE took a glass and
squatted over his face and deposited HER golden nectar
into the glass which was just inches from his mouth.
After almost filling the glass, SHE lowered HER royal
sweet pussy onto his mouth and told him that with his
mouth around SHE did not need toilet paper. he
eagerly licked HER nectar from HER neatly trimmed
beautiful pubic hair.

MISTRESS PATTY stood, after SHE was cleaned, and
put a super size tampon into the glass. The cotton
tampon immediately began to absorb HER piss. SHE then
removed the douche bottle and unscrewed the top. SHE
poured the remainder of the glass into the douche
bottle and put the nozzle top back on. SHE then
inserted the nozzle with HER warm liquid into his
asshole and emptied the contents into him. he felt
honored to be douched by his MISTRESS' golden nectar.

After all of HER warm liquid disappeared into his
shit hole, SHE inserted the piss soaked tampon into
his pussy hole and pushed it in as far as it would go.
When SHE removed the cardboard applicator, he could
almost feel it grow with the absorption of the liquid.
SHE then attached a slave collar around his neck.

Now MISTRESS PATTY turned HER attention to his
cock and balls. Taking two strong rubber bands, SHE
separated his balls and attached one rubber band
around each ball. This pushed the balls out and away
from each other. Then SHE tied a long string to the
end of the cock which now belonged to HER. SHE had
HER slave stand and SHE took a maxi-pad and jammed it
into his ass crack. SHE pulled the string, tied to
his cock head, between his legs and through his ass
crack, thus holding the maxi-pad in place. SHE pulled
the string all the way up to his dog collar. To make
sure of the right positioning, SHE reached in front of
him and pushed his cock between his separated balls
and back between his legs as far as SHE could. This
allowed HER to have more string by the collar where
SHE tied it off.

HER slave now looked like he had a real pussy.
his cock was between his legs and his balls were
bulging around it, giving the appearance of pussy
lips. As long as the slave stood with a straight
back, the pain was not too bad. However, if the slave
had to bend over, then the collar would pull on the
string and make his cock go farther between his legs
and put more pressure on his balls.

All of this activity had made MISTRESS PATTY
excited, HER pussy was starting to get wet. SHE took
HER panties and began playing with HER pussy with
them, while the slave longingly looked on. SHE got
the panties good and wet with HER juices and then SHE
shoved them into his mouth and told him to lick and
suck them clean. he began to suck on them and to
taste HER royal flavors, how could he be so lucky?

Trussed up in this manner and with the panties
still being cleaned in his mouth, he was now ready to
serve his MISTRESS. SHE had him run HER bath water
and he was given the great privilege of bathing his
MISTRESS. Then he was allowed to dry and powder HER
beautiful body. he dressed HER and got HER ready for
their next adventure. All this time his stomach ached
with cramps and his balls felt like they would
explode. However, he was able to endure the pain by
concentrating on serving his MISTRESS and bringing HER

While he was dressing HER, SHE reached over and
began to play with his breasts and his nipples. SHE
told him that while he was now on his period and
suffering with cramps, he should also experience the
breast discomfort also associated with his period.
SHE rubbed and squeezed his breasts and twisted and
pulled his nipples. Finally, SHE attached clothes
pins to his nipples and he wore them until he finished
dressing HER.

SHE received a phone call from one of HER girl
friends just as he was finishing dressing HER. SHE
told the caller to wait a second and SHE ordered HER
slave to get a garbage bag and empty all of the waste
baskets into the bag, while SHE was on the phone. he
did this and returned, on his knees, for further
instructions. Again, SHE took a break from the call
and told him to grab HER bath robe and put it on,
along with his white heels he had brought and to then
take the garbage out to the dumpster. What a sight he
was with the clothes pins pushing the robe out and
putting more pressure on his sore nipples, walking as
straight up and down as he could on the heels and
hoping that the robe stayed closed on his journey,
breathing through his nose while his mouth still
worked to clean HER panties.

he returned from this trip and was told that they
would be going to meet HER friend for a drink. SHE
loosened the cock string, but did not take it off, so
that he could drive. he was not permitted to expel
the douche, despite his begging and pleading. SHE did
allow him to hang up HER robe and SHE got out the
clothing he was to wear to the bar. SHE put another
maxi-pad on a pair of slave pink panties and put them
on him. Then SHE took off the clothes pins and rubbed
his sore swollen nipples with ice cubes and then SHE
played with them and bit them until they were large
and hard. SHE then attached nipple clamps, held
together by a chain, onto his sore and elongated

SHE put a bra over his aching breasts and numbing
nipples. SHE stuffed the bra with HER dirty panties,
so that HER aroma could be enjoyed by him while they
were out. SHE had him put on thigh high hose and then
a pair of bright blue stirrup pants. A tight fuzzy
white feminine sweater was pulled over his head and
showed off his pantied tits. MISTRESS added several
more pairs of panties to get his breasts to jut out
far enough for HER liking. SHE had removed the
panties from his mouth and inspected them and found
them to be clean, SHE added these to his breasts also.
his white high heels finished off the "look" SHE was
trying to get, a slave looking utterly ridiculous!

Bright red lipstick, some rouge on his cheeks and
long dangling ear rings completed the picture. he was
allowed to put on his over coat to go to the car. SHE
took him to HER favorite hang out to meet HER friend.
Fortunately it was dark inside and there was not a
large crowd at noon. SHE immediately made him remove
his over coat and then found a table for two. he was
curious about this since SHE was to meet HER friend.
SHE ordered a drink for HERSELF and water for HER
slave. The waitress smiled when SHE saw the slave and
he could hear HER giggle as SHE walked away from the

MISTRESS' friend did come and then the slave was
told to give up his chair and to kneel next to the
table. he did as told. The two WOMAN began talking
about the slave as if he wasn't there. THEY discussed
a lot of different activities that they thought would
be fun to make the slave perform. The activities got
bolder and more outrageous after they finished their
second drinks. MISTRESS PATTY told HER what a great
job the slave did in cleaning HER soiled panties with
his mouth. THEY then discussed setting up a regular
pick up and delivery schedule for the slave to tongue
bath and mouth wash all of THEIR panties all of the

During the conversation, MISTRESS PATTY removed
HER shoe and had the slave bend over to worship HER
feet while they talked. HER friend wanted to try it
and the slave ended up worshipping HER feet, under
the table, also. This bending caused the string
pulling his cock to become very tight and caused him
great pain and strain. The douche was doing its job
also and he was having terrible cramps. his
discomfort was obvious to the two ladies and they
thought it was very amusing that the shoe was now on
the other foot.

Finally, MISTRESS PATTY told HER slave that if he
had to expel the douche so bad that he could do so.
SHE placed another large tampon on the table and began
his instructions. SHE untied the string from his
collar and this relieved the pressure on his cock and
balls. The rubber bands on his balls were to stay on
and the string was to stay attached to the tip of his
cock. He could expel what was in his slave ass and
then put the new tampon into his asshole. he was to
bring the maxi-pads back to the table with him. The
string tied to the end of his cock was to be pulled up
over his waist band and to hang down in front of him
upon his return.

he was allowed to rise and take the tampon. As
he started off to the rest room, he was grabbed by
MISTRESS PATTY and told that he was going in the wrong
direction. The ladies room was at the other end of
the bar, he turned beet red and his mouth fell open.
he knew that he must shit out the douche and now it
was plain that if it was to happen it would only
happen in the ladies room. he didn't know what to do.
MISTRESS PATTY helped him with his decision by taking
his hand and leading him to the ladies' room. SHE
opened the door and pushed him in, teetering on his
high heels.

SHE laughed all the way back to HER seat.
Fortunately there was only one other woman in the bar
and SHE was not paying attention to what was going on,
SHE was in a deep conversation with HER male friend.
he quickly did as ordered and returned to his seat
with his string hanging in front of him and a maxi-pad
in each hand. The relief on his face was noticeable
as the cramps had begun to subside.

MISTRESS PATTY had HER slave resume his kneeling
position next to their table. SHE reached under his
sweater and removed the nipple clamps and pinched and
rubbed the blood back into his nipples. This
stimulation caused intense pain to flare up in his
breasts again. MISTRESS PATTY then folded the
maxi-pads and stuffed them into the bra cup making his
tits pop way out.

MISTRESS PATTY handed the string to his cock to HER
friend who pulled and tugged on it at will. The
ladies were really enjoying themselves and the slave
was amusing them, as was his role in life. HER friend
went to the rest room and when SHE returned, SHE
explained that all of the fun had made HER hot and HER
panties wet. SHE then stuffed them into the slaves
mouth to be cleaned. The slave, savoring HER flavor,
now licked and sucked them clean for HER. SHE had an
appointment and had to leave and took HER clean
panties with HER.

Before SHE left, SHE asked MISTRESS PATTY how
much SHE would charge for the panty cleaning service,
since the slave did such a good job on HER panties.
MISTRESS PATTY only smiled and patted the slave's head
and said SHE would have to get back to HER on it. The
slave then paid the bill and MISTRESS PATTY led him
out by pulling the string and jerking his cock behind

In the car, MISTRESS PATTY had him remove a pair
of HER dirty panties from his bra cup. he was then
told to untie the string from his cock and masturbate
into the panties. SHE did finally grant him
permission to cum in the panties. After he was
through SHE told him to put them in his mouth and
clean them before they got back to HER place.

On the way back, with his mouth stuffed with HER
panties stained with his cum, SHE told him that he was
to start picking up HER panties and HER friends
panties on Tuesdays and he was to tongue bathe and
mouth clean them only and then return them on
Thursdays. A panty bag would be hung on their door
for him and unless otherwise directed, he would not
need to see them during these drop off and pick ups.

©2004 The Leather Realm