Rules Within My Realm

1.) My meetings are based on Our Shared Interests/Fetishes, your Hard Limits and My imagination. Yes, I do accept suggestions but again there are no promises unless I have an interest in them.

2.) When first contacting Me you are required to include in your email your hard limits, our shared interests and any medical conditions, prior experience and your expectations during our meeting together.

3.) If I grant you a meeting you will come to Me freshly showered, shaved and smelling sweetly.

4.) When you come to Me you are to be Drug and Alcohol Free.  If I feel that you are too wasted to serve safely, you will be told to leave immediately.

5.) Depending on distance you are required to call to confirm appointment, last minute instructions, location directions or cancel on the time you are required to call. This may be 1-3 hours prior to our meeting. I realize things happen so I give a 15 minute grace period from the time I tell you to call. If you call any later, your meeting maybe canceled. If you fail to call you will not be given another chance to meet Me.

6.) When arriving to My Realm you will come in quietly and leave quietly unless ordered otherwise.

7.) All phones will be turned off or put on vibrate prior to entering. I will not be disturbed by these things.

8.) Jewelry will be removed prior to visiting Me.

9.) Before coming to Me, you will have eaten a light meal and taken any medications that you may require. If you are coming to Me for any kind of Toilet consumption training, you are required to eat a cup of yogurt 30-60 minutes prior to our meeting.

10.)  If this is your first visit to Me expect to begin our time together with a very short chat. Currently My play area is within My home and is the first door you enter.

11.) If you haven't understood prior to reading this list...THERE IS NO SEXUAL CONTACT BETWEEN A SLAVE AND MYSELF. Please do not ask or beg during our meeting for sex. It will not happen. If it persists you will be told to leave.

12.) If you are Owned or Under Consideration by another Dominant then you must have their permission to contact and or meet with Me. I will not use someone else's property without their knowledge.

13.) My hard limits are as follows... Rainbow (Vomit), Under 18, Oral Worship (Queening) By slaves I do NOT own, Illegal Drugs, Extreme Forms of Breath Play With Those I do Not Have Prior Experience With, Complete Nudity of Myself, Surgical Castration, Anything that will result in visiting an ER or Prison and finally......wasting My time.

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